Why talking to my body is my most important conversation #BlogchatterHealthWatch

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All humans talk. Some talk a little, others a lot. We have various conversations through the day. We talk to family, friends, colleagues, staff , even strangers. Some even talk to their pets and plants.

How many of us talk to our body?                     

Talk to our body? Is that even a thing?


Our body supports us and carries us through our living years, irrespective of whether we nurture it or neglect it.

A recent spate of ill health that kept continuing irrespective of medication set me thinking. What was it that my body needed, since it was obvious that doctors and medication did not seem to be enough.

I have believed in and followed Affirmations for a while now. The miraculous turn I notice as soon as I start repeating a few lines of Affirmations everyday have kept my belief firmly rooted in them.

That is when I asked myself that if a few lines can make things turn around, what would a whole conversation with my body do?

Communication is the key to solve problems, is my motto. That is when I began talking to my body.

I began with apologising to my body for not valuing it enough and not treating it right. After which I thanked it for carrying me through every day. For aiding me to keep going even when I was exhausted or unwell. I thanked it for being there for me even when I did not reciprocate by nurturing it right.

The human body is made up of thousands of tiny cells, each alert and responsive to our every thought.  It never ceases to surprise me how soon they pick up what our mind conceives.

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Just like I see Affirmations work, post these conversations with my body I began seeing small changes happen where my health was concerned.

Healing begins from the inside. I am hopeful that mine has.

Let 2019 be the year you nurture your health. Join me as I join the #BlogchatterHealthWatch here

Getting fit with friends is always more fun!

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