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Why Women Should Consume Protein Powder

I have been working out for the past many years now, Lifting Weights, a lot of Stretches, and Cardio being my constants. A while ago, my Personal Trainer suggested that I add a Women Protein Powder to my daily diet.

As a woman, why do I need to consume Protein Powder?

Protein is present in my everyday food, that should be enough, right?

I don’t want to bulk up, and Protein will make me.

Won’t I put on weight if I start consuming Protein Powder?

I have heard protein powder tastes horrible.

I fired off all my questions and assumptions at him. Guess he had heard it all before as he was unfazed at my ignorance and went on to explain and clarify all my doubts.

What is Protein?

Protein is present in every single cell of the body and helps make new cells and repair existing ones. Protein is needed for the structure and management of all our tissues and organs and to ensure that they function well. Protein helps generate muscle mass and prevent muscle shrinkage.

Isn’t Protein present in our daily food?

Dietary Protein is found in Animal Products, Poultry, Yogurt, and in a few Vegetables  (Broccoli, Spinach, Potatoes, etc.) and Lentils (Chickpea, Moong, Legumes, etc.). In very minimal quantities.  protein leaves you feeling fuller for longer.


Consuming Protein will make me look heavy/bulky.

Consumption of Protein making women look heavy or bulky is the biggest myth, said, my Trainer. The biggest advantage of protein is that it provides all-day energy, something women really need. Consuming protein leaves you feeling fuller for longer. It also helps women maintain radiant skin, strong bones and helps the body recover faster from injuries. Consumption of protein helps build lean muscle, helping you look toned.

Doesn’t Protein powder tastes awful?

There is a wide array of Protein Powders out there. Just as the variety and formulation differ, so does the price and taste. Do your research, see which ones resonate with you, choose one made with natural ingredients and you will rarely go wrong, was my Trainer’s advice.


All this information was such a revelation! It made me realize that I had been so wrongly informed about Protein Powders and what they do.

I read up a lot, and my search led me to Oziva Protein & Herbs for Women – Natural Protein with Whey, Ayurvedic Herbs, and Multivitamins for Better Metabolism, Skin & Hair.

Oziva Protein & Herbs for Woman is specially designed as a Women Protein Powder.

The pack says that it helps improve lean muscle and reduce fat.

Improves Metabolism & Hormonal Balance

It is Gluten-free, Soy Free, non-GMO and contains no artificial sweetener or added sugar.

It makes your hair and skin better.

Oziva comes in four flavor variants, Chocolate, Café Mocha, Vanilla Almond, and Mango.

Do you take Protein Powders too? If yes, how have they helped you?

Disclaimer: All views expressed here arise from my own experiences. Please consult a medical professional before you follow any information, advice or suggestions shared here.

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