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Hot Shower

Seema liked hot showers. She had invented the quote, “There is no problem in this world that a hot shower can’t solve.” A hot shower, according to Seema, was the solution to any, if not all problems. Besides being such an ardent advertiser, she was a big fan of hot showers herself. She bathed under… Read More Hot Shower

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‘Rex said I was fat!’ exclaimed Alice, ‘…am I fat, Jojo?’ she implored her sister ‘Yes you are.’ replied Jojo, as she flexed her limbs ‘And you’re mean!’ exclaimed Alice, again. Jojo shrugged nonchalantly, as she looked into the distance ‘Look at Tina there,’ pointed Alice, ‘and look at Rex looking at her! Do you… Read More Curlies

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Looks are deceptive

Looks are deceptive Looks are deceptive, aren’t they, thought Malathi as she pulled out a golf club from her husband’s golf kit resting behind the door. The smallest club seemed to be the heaviest, she smirked. What all could it do, besides hitting a ball, she wondered ? Kill a cockroach? Crack a skull, perhaps?… Read More Looks are deceptive

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Scared To Death

Rakhi looked up in awe at the huge billboards forming the façade of a brand new mall. Bright colors and well-dressed people dotted the entrance and compound circling it. Sitting, standing, laughing, eating, holding hands, everyone looked happy. How much everything has changed, sighed Rakhi   Just as she was about to move forward she… Read More Scared To Death

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Made in China

I have subscribed to an App on my phone that would send me daily prompts to interpret as I please, and blog the result. Todays prompt was; Prompt :  You pick up Chinese food from a local restaurant, but when you get home you find something unexpected in the bag. Here is my story for it… Read More Made in China