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26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me : My 1st Ebook


Hello, People!
My 1st Ebook is out!

26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me , published courtesy Blogchatter

There is no sincerer love than the love of food, said George Bernard Shaw and I couldn’t agree more! Food is a nourisher, food is a celebration and food is a memory that connects us to people and to our past. Everybody has a list of foods they love and so do I. Come along with me as I share my 26 Favourite Foods and A Little Bit of Me, and attempt to recreate the flavours my palate has tasted, through my words for you, as I walk you down memory lane sharing my moments associated with each.

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8 thoughts on “26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me : My 1st Ebook

  1. Read it.. Just now.. Seriously at first I didn’t Impressed at all.. But after started reafing it couldn’t hide my excitement… lovely narration.. The little bit of you in every chapter is more interesting.. I laughed for the north Indian ,south Indian confusion and the way ppl atlast tried to justify by saying “you looks like a north Indian ” :-)… I decided to try each dish in your book.. Once again lively book… All the very best for future endeavors …

  2. My first visit to your blog. Congrats on the e-book! Looks interesting. Read the miracle hair oil recipe. I might need it, I think..losing so much hair!

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