Eye Spy #FridayFotoFiction

  ‘Hello, Josh.’ Josh’s head whipped around from the board in Professor Smith’s office. ‘Prof! Here I am, in your room once again!’ Josh’s grin lit his face. ‘Thankfully not for any misdemeanours anymore.’ Smith smiled as he put down the books he was holding. ‘No more, Prof! Not anymore!’ laughed Josh. ‘Rather, I am… Read More Eye Spy #FridayFotoFiction


Do you Forgive and Forget? #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories

Do you forgive? Do you forget? Forgive and Forget. Two small words with big implications. Ask anyone if they can forgive and forget and the responses would rarely be in the affirmative. Forgive would still have people contemplating a yes, either reluctantly or enthusiastically. However, mention Forget and expressions would turn determined, with a blatant… Read More Do you Forgive and Forget? #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories


On Knowledge and Learning …#MayTivation

    Learning, as defined by Wikipedia – The act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviour, skills, values or preferences.   Every waking moment teaches us something. Sometime we are aware of it, and at such times learning happens consciously. Then there are times we may be unaware of what we… Read More On Knowledge and Learning …#MayTivation