The Lake #FridayFotoFiction

  ‘Legend has it that this beautiful lake and the mountains surrounding it are haunted.’ said Ben. ‘Tell me more…’, smiled Alice as she snuggled up to her new husband. ‘Many adventurous trekkers…’ ‘…like us, you mean? ’ interrupted Alice with a grin and a wink. ‘…risk this steep and dangerous climb only for this… Read More The Lake #FridayFotoFiction


Do you follow your own Advice? #MayTivation

  Advice. Something most people love giving more than they love taking. Asking for advice makes people feel they are open minded and humble. Giving advice makes people seem noble and like they are helping. It is a win win for both sides. However, how many people follow the advice they give others, is what… Read More Do you follow your own Advice? #MayTivation


Ascent or Descent? #FridayFotoFiction

  The stories of progress seemed like myths. She wondered if the media, and probably even women, exaggerated about women empowerment. Maybe the people who won, and their achievements that were highlighted, were overstated? She wondered what happened to them after the applause died down. What turn did life take after the lights dimmed and… Read More Ascent or Descent? #FridayFotoFiction