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#BookReview: Tick Tock by Rahul P Bhandare

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Pages: 27

Genre: Comic / Illustrated

Available in: Paperback

The Plot:

The journey of a wrist watch, through time. From being assembled, to  changing multiple hands, and owners, to a whole new twist in the end. This wordless journey is depicted through illustrations / images.

My Thoughts:

When I was asked if I would review a Comic Book, I was a bit taken back. I tried to think back to the last time I had read one, and only Archie’s comics came to mind.

My curiosity about the comic book led me to accepting the review offer. As soon as the slim, black and white illustrated copy of Tick Tock by Rahul P Bhandare was in my hands, I read it in one go.

I must confess I have read it many times over ever since, and each time I read it, I interpret it differently. With no words being used to tell the story, your imagination is free to take flight, as it follows the simple illustrations.


I found the idea of a wordless story very intriguing, and each time I read it, I interpreted it according to the mood I was in. If I was low, I found a philosophical story. A happy mood brought about a cheerful outcome.

A refreshing concept and a simple story make Tick Tock by Rahul P Bhandare a must read.

Meet the Author

Rahul P Bhandare is an Engineer by profession and worked at Godrej, till his creative side pulled him over to Advertising.

His childhood love for stories and drawings have manifested themselves in the form of this book. Creating comics has always brought him great joy. To know more about Rahul and his comics visit his web site here 

Curious to read the book? Buy it here

**** 4 Stars to Tick Tock by Rahul P Bhandare

My rating chart;

*Use it as a doorstop.
**Read it if you have nothing better to do.
***You may like it if you like this particular genre.
****Must read!
*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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  1. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    The book looks interesting and wordless story idea seems like fun. Thanks for sharing the review of this comic book.

  2. Mayuri Nidigallu Jheelam

    A contemporary wordless comic book is surely an interesting one to pick up. It reminds me of the comic strip “Henry” I used to read as a kid. Liked your review.

  3. Couple interesting things in this book . The book cover is intriguing and the whole idea of a watch going back in time, and the plot laid out in the form of illustrations sounds good.

  4. Now, this is something very interesting. A wordless book. I liked how the author left it for the readers to interpret.

    1. Yes, that was the best part, Vartika.

  5. This book looks interesting. I like such comics where we can imagine and build our own versions each time we read.

  6. The last wordless story I read was in my son’s colourful book. I’m quite intrigued of the idea of wordless comic book, indeed it soars your imaginations. Would like to read it for sure.

    1. Hope you do read it, Jhilmil. It is really interesting.

  7. Such a refreshing and interesting book. I love the idea. We moved from long to short to micro fiction. This is a super cool idea too!

    1. Yes, I thought so too, Prerna.

  8. A wordless comic book! Now, that’s super interesting! I like the illustrations in the book and that you can interpret it differently at different times is s wonderful. Will check it out. Thanks for sharing, Mayuri!

    1. It truly is, Shilpa. Thanks for reading.

  9. Mayuri Nidigallu Amrita

    That’s so intriguing. A wordless story can be powerful. Both children and adults can find different stories from the pictures. Need to see the book now!

  10. I am intrigued by this unique genre of wordless comedy. Will surely love to grab a copy buddy.

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