What I say & what I mean: My Resolutions for 2019! #NYR2019

The last time I made a New Year’s Resolution AND followed it through was when I was 9 years old. I swore, “I will write in my Cursive Writing Book everyday” and I did. The end result was beautiful writing. Proof that New Year Resolutions work IF they are feasible (I badly failed my ‘I-will-marry-George-Clooney-this-year’ 2005 resolution) and you follow …

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#Humor #ThinkingAloud

Of Didi, Aunty & Madam #MyFriendAlexa

‘You’re looking beautiful, Aunty.’ The teenaged girl with braces had to repeat this line thrice, before I realised her compliment was directed at me. ‘Aunty?’ ‘Me?’ ‘Already?’ These were my thoughts when I was first called by the term every woman hates being addressed by, ‘Aunty‘. Then I told myself that being newly married probably gives one a leg up …

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