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My Fitness Journey #BonHappetee

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My fitness journey started by accident. A friend and I decided to join a gym, and after some research we zeroed in on one. The next morning I was at the gym with my money, as decided, when my friend called me up to say she had changed her mind.

I was mortified, as during the enquiry on the previous day we had asked endless questions, customised a time slot, a trainer and the works. I decided to go ahead and enrol, only for that.


3 months of Weight Training made me realise that I loved it. Lifting weights not only made me stronger, it made me more disciplined. This was my first step, on the journey towards fitness.

I continued at the gym, and save for a few breaks in between, I have never stopped weight training. 

It is a myth that lifting weights makes women bulk up and once you stop you put on weight. Women cannot bulk up, even if we tried, as we do not have the hormones needed to. It is the wrong training, weights and movements that could make you bulky. Which is why you need a good trainer to guide you right.

As weight training strengthened my body I looked out for something to strengthen my mind, and Yoga was the obvious choice. Yoga was my internal workout. Till you’ve experienced the simple power breathing right brings to your health you won’t understand the power of Yoga.

We are all so out there and everywhere these days that we forget the internal journey we need to undertake to evolve Meditation refreshes me and sets me right.

Walking is the cheapest exercise. You can do it anytime and anywhere. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, and in my case, good music accompanying me. The best cardio, and if you can combine breathing exercises as you walk, it is a double bonanza.

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after any exercise routine though. It keeps your body supple.

Regular exercise is the the best gift you can give your body, and your body returns the benefits manifold to you as you grow older.

Get Fit Stay Fit

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  1. You have put it so well Mayuri. Lifting weights don’t make women bulk up as we lack the proper hormones testosterone for that. Also walking is the cheapest form of exercise. I am sure your tips will help others too on their fitness journey.

  2. I recently started weight lifting and finding it little difficult but as you said consistency is the key. Good to know about your journey Mayuri. Keep going. Results are visible.

    1. It will be easy and fun before you know it, Deepa. Keep going! Thank you.

  3. Excellent post-Mayuri, you had summed up all the options very well. I agree yoga is an internal workout. being an avid yogi, I believe yoga helps a lot to control negative emotions and also improve your physical fitness. I had never tried weightlifting and actually, I am little afraid of it. but after reading your post, will surly try it under proper guidance.

    1. Thank you for reading, Surbhi.

  4. I love weight training a lot as well. there are so many misconceptions regarding weight training and you have rightly pointed out those in your post. Meditation helps a lot too. I am trying to practice it though it is difficult for me right now to keep my mind calm and stop it from getting distracted. But yes, I am trying.

    1. Thank you for reading, Aesha.

  5. Weight training is slightly misunderstood when it comes to women. The way it tones the biceps and triceps, nothing else can. Yoga and meditation are my go-to for peace and tranquility.
    Glad you didn’t change your mind like your friend. Good post, M.

    1. Thanks for reading, Varsha.

  6. I have started gym many a times but cant keep up. I like to stick to walking and meditation for wellness and fitness. But the facts about women in gym were really eye opening. I have been privy to some of these myths myself in the past.

  7. Weight training builds up muscle mass and gives a toned look to the body. It’s just as important as an aerobic activity. I have not been giving fitness priority. After reading the post I’m determined to get back on track.

  8. You have explained it so well Mayuri, weight training is indeed necessary for shredding those extra piles and a stronger back and better stamina. Glad you busted some myths attached to gyming.

  9. You have put up every aspect of fitness and exercise in one post.. wonderful. I practice yoga. Never tried weight lifting, will surely try.

  10. Mayuri Nidigallu Zainab

    Oh I know the feeling when people bail and it’s hard to get out of the situation.
    Good for you 🙂
    I also feel your sugar detox is phenomenal!

    1. Thank you for reading, Zainab.

  11. I remember seeing your post on Instagram when you had cut down sugar. What a transformation! Clean eating plus weight training and yoga is the perfect combination. Way to go Mayuri!

  12. A great post Mayuri. I am partial to yoga and walking when it comes to exercise. Weight training is something i need to venture into and your post busted some myths around it so well.

  13. Wonderful post Mayuri and such great tips. I am inspired to keep these in mind for my next work out session!

  14. Great post. And you are right weight training is shrouded in myths. Thank you for busting some of them

  15. Great post. Some of the Myths on weight training busted

  16. I have never been to a gym. But now I am somewhat curious about weight training. May be I will try that soon.

    1. Thank you for reading, Anami.

  17. I am scared of weightlifting. tried it once and got body pain for the next few days… But I think I should give it a try again

    1. I really think you should. It is not only fun, the results are amazing.

  18. Walking as you say is the best and easiest exercise and one often advised to me by my doctor. And yoga of course. I plan to take up these things soon as I Am extremely overweight.

  19. You’re right, Mayuri.

    Strength training is something that all women must do to prevent muscle degeneration with age & to keep proper flexibility & endurance. And without steroids, women cannot beef up as we don’t make too much testosterone.

    Walking is also the most doable & cheapest way to remain fit.

  20. I totally agree that the benefits of yoga can be understood only by those who have done it. I did yoga for years and felt peaceful and calm. Walking has been the best companion to me since my teen years.

  21. Very nice post, taking care of yourself is equally important for all women, I make sure I get some tike for me, water yoga makes me happy and keep me fit. And yes I make sure to avoid packed ready to eat food.

  22. Mayuri Nidigallu Maria

    Yoga as an internal workout, wow, love how you nailed it!

  23. […] body supports us and carries us through our living years, irrespective of whether we nurture it or neglect […]

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