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My Fitness Journey #BonHappetee

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My fitness journey started by accident. A friend and I decided to join a gym, and after some research we zeroed in on one. The next morning I was at the gym with my money, as decided, when my friend called me up to say she had changed her mind.

I was mortified, as during the enquiry on the previous day we had asked endless questions, customised a time slot, a trainer and the works. I decided to go ahead and enrol, only for that.


3 months of Weight Training made me realise that I loved it. Lifting weights not only made me stronger, it made me more disciplined. This was my first step, on the journey towards fitness.

I continued at the gym, and save for a few breaks in between, I have never stopped weight training. 

It is a myth that lifting weights makes women bulk up and once you stop you put on weight. Women cannot bulk up, even if we tried, as we do not have the hormones needed to. It is the wrong training, weights and movements that could make you bulky. Which is why you need a good trainer to guide you right.

As weight training strengthened my body I looked out for something to strengthen my mind, and Yoga was the obvious choice. Yoga was my internal workout. Till you’ve experienced the simple power breathing right brings to your health you won’t understand the power of Yoga.

We are all so out there and everywhere these days that we forget the internal journey we need to undertake to evolve Meditation refreshes me and sets me right.

Walking is the cheapest exercise. You can do it anytime and anywhere. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, and in my case, good music accompanying me. The best cardio, and if you can combine breathing exercises as you walk, it is a double bonanza.

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after any exercise routine though. It keeps your body supple.

Regular exercise is the the best gift you can give your body, and your body returns the benefits manifold to you as you grow older.

Get Fit Stay Fit

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