Why I won’t stop advocating the No Sugar Challenge

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Two months ago I undertook the 21 Day No Sugar Challenge.

It was an impulsive decision to do so and I went cold turkey, not allowing myself to think, rethink, have self-doubts, and just started one morning.

I have a notorious sweet tooth. I look forward to my desserts more than I look forward to my meals. I have scoffed down entire, large, bars of chocolate and I am a glutton when it comes to ice cream. The word moderation does not apply to me when it comes to sugar.

And I decided to quit sugar?

And did so?

Successfully? Yes.

In fact, I loved the benefits of quitting sugar so much I am currently midway through a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, and I can’t stop talking about it and advocating it enough!

won't stop-advocating-No-Sugar-Challenge-sirimiri

Even before I started the challenge my worry was, ‘How would I cope without my sugar fix?’

I coped more than well! The first few days were a breeze, with no cravings at all. 4 days into the challenge and I was 400 gms lighter, the first time my weight has decreased in the last 5 years. A week into the challenge and my clothes were looser.

What did I do when the craving hit?

Day 8 and 9 showed me how weak I could be and how strong I really was, as the sugar craving was massive! Guess what, I fought it!

I Distracted myself. Drank water. Took a walk. Read a book.

Dry Dates helped me cope, as did placing an Elaichi in my mouth. When the craving hit really bad I made myself small portions of Sugar-free Desserts like  Dry Date Halwa and Faux Banana Split.

Changes? How soon could I see them?

It really depends. A lot of my friends are doing it. One lost 1.5 kgs in 12 days. Another lost 1 kg in one week.

I lost 2 kgs in 21 days, but the bloating and water retention was down by a good 70 %. I started seeing and experiencing physical changes (better skin, more energy, sharper memory) a week into the challenge.

Losing weight was my last goal. I wanted to feel and look, better, healthier.

Did I diet?

Not at all. All I cut out was sugar. I ate everything else, I even ate out. Yes, I ate rice, and curd and fruits too. The idea was to cut out sugar in direct forms. Finding sugar in foods in hidden forms was not my agenda.

So what am I feeling so good about?

The reason I decided to quit sugar was to challenge myself. I hated how addicted I was getting to it. It was a physical and mental challenge really. I was tired of letting my taste buds rule my body, or should I say ruin it. Click To TweetI decided I wanted to get back in control. And I am stoked that I won the challenge, in every which way.

What happened after the Challenge was done?

I lost one more kg, even though I was enjoying my desserts. I continued feeling all the good effects of giving up sugar.

What next?

Since giving up sugar for life is not on my agenda, I am chalking up a plan for myself. Desserts only on weekends and special occasions AND in moderation only. Hoping to stick to that.

As I shared my story on Instagram a lot of people wrote to me that they would like to undertake the challenge but were not sure they could do it/didn’t know if they could give up sugar. 

My advice: Just start. As you cruise through Week 1, and see the changes quitting sugar brings, YOU WON’T QUIT. Take my word for it. If giving up just one thing could get you so much in return, why would you quit?

As a Hypoglycemic if I can successfully complete the No Sugar Challenge, what’s stopping you?

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