5 Things I Love About Paytm

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‘Paytm karo…’

I assume there may be very few people who would have missed hearing this jingle. Radio, Television, YouTube, all Social Media, this jingle is everywhere. Just like Paytm is.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a digital payments platform, ecommerce payment system and digital wallet company. You could register on and use it from your Desk top / Lap top Computer or download the app on your Mobile Phone through its Play store.

I have been using it ever since I downloaded the app on my phone more than 2 years ago and realise that Paytm has made my life much easier.

The list of services they offer is exhaustive, and they keep adding more.

So I am going to share the 5 Things I Love About Paytm


1) It is Easy to Use and Convenient: Downloading the app and getting around it is a breeze. No confusing maze or complicated interface. Ever since I downloaded the Paytm app on my phone, I use it for almost everything, from shopping to calling a cab, from paying my bills to booking movie, and other entertainment, tickets and booking my travel tickets. Receiving payments through it is instant.

2) The Cashback Offers: Paying a bill is always a painful experience for me, as seeing my money go out leaves me sulking. Not when I use Paytm to do so though. Their cash back offers post bill payment take away the pinch paying my bills leave behind. Cashback on flight bookings, bus booking, listed Pizzas chains, on Movie Tickets, The Metro and your Mobile Bill payment. Cashback on Smartphones, Television and other Gadgets as well. Could it get better than this?


3)Flight and Bus Ticket Booking: We travel a lot, and not all of our trips are planned well in advance. Which often means last minute ticket booking. Now, we all know what a huge dent booking flight tickets close to the date can cause. Ever since I started booking my flight tickets through Paytm, there is always a cashback offer on my booking, which means I not only save on regular bookings but even on the high priced tickets too. Traveling a scenic route by Bus is a visual delight. We indulge our senses by booking Bus Tickets prior or on the spur of the moment and set away. Quick navigation, easy booking and cashback too.

4) Gift Cards: These days when everyone has everything, thinking of what to gift someone on their special occasions becomes an ordeal. The number one reason I prefer giving, and receiving, Gift Cards. Which is why, I was glad when Paytm introduced them as a feature / service. E Gift Cards from leading Brands and Departmental Stores, Food and Beverage gift cards and also a E Gift Card for Gold and Diamond jewellery ensure there is something for everyone and every taste. Choosing what you want makes for the best gift, isn’t it?

Train-Tickets-Paytm-sirimiri5) Train Tickets: I recently discovered that you could book Train Tickets through Paytm as well. It just takes a few seconds so yes, it’s that easy! Keeping the Paytm wallet topped up will ensures a time saving during the check out. If you still need some help, there is 24*7 support helpline available to answer your queries.


So these are the reasons I love Paytm. Why do you love Paytm?  

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  1. I’ve begun exploring Paytm only now and find it easy and convenient. This post will definitely help me in finding out what more I can do with it!

    1. Glad to hear that, Varsha. Thanks for reading.

  2. Informative post Mayuri
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading, Sachin.

  3. Good to know your experience, i have just started using it.

    1. Enjoy using it. Thanks for reading, Jyotirmoy.

  4. I would prefer Paytm over any other e-commerce site. Recently Paytm introduced Paytm Mall, and there is an offer called “OnceAMonth” which gives you a cashback of 200Rs, every month when you shop through it. Since I am a blogger, I am also a student living in Hostel, so this cashback of 200 is great for me.

  5. Thanks for reading, Madhusudan. So glad you shared the ‘OnceAMonth’ offer details with me. Shall check it out.

  6. This post nicely list the major benefits of using Paytm. For me, i’d love Paytm since you can even pay the Water Bills, Electricity Bills and Gas bills all in one place.

  7. Nice post, Mayuri. Have this app for a long time but first used it onky during the monetization and loved it. It’s very handy esp with the code thing. Everyone from paanwala to roadside thelawala accepts Paytm.

  8. That’s really useful write-up !! It’s definitely a great boon to use Paytm as almost every vendor has this facility!!

  9. paytm is like a basic necessity for me these days. I love the cashless feel to it and no candies in exchange of change!!

    1. Oh yes! Those sweets!:) Thank God for Paytm!:)

  10. Mayuri Nidigallu Dr Bushra

    I’ve been using this app since long and in love with it. Especially the services are very good happy my friend Alexa month

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