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13 Outcomes of Completing the 21 Day No Sugar Challenge

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I am was addicted to sugar. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have an entire set of 32 sweet teeth.

This was a bitter realisation I had when I found myself getting anxious and craving for a dessert post dinner and I had none at hand.

I sat back to take notes of how much sugar/many sweets I consumed on a daily basis. I realised that I need, and eat, desserts or chocolate after each meal, and in between meals too. It didn’t help that I make all my Mithai’s at home. Sugar is the world's most popular drug. Click To Tweet

The fact that I couldn’t do without my sugar fix was disturbing.

That is when I decided that I need to undertake a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge.

Interestingly, I ran a poll on Instagram asking people if they thought I would be able to successfully complete the challenge, and ‘NO’ won by a huge margin!  I was mortified, and secretly agreed with them.

Strangely, this self-doubt spurred me to start. I read up on the internet about this challenge and decided to come up with my own version of it. I wanted to set goals that challenged me and were doable.



What were my 21 Day No Sugar Challenge rules:

  • No sugar in any form, white, brown, refined, raw.
  • No aerated drinks
  • No canned juices
  • No desserts/chocolates.
  • No biscuits/cookies/cake

(Edited to add, because I am being asked this question a lot : I didn’t give up rice and ate fruits in moderation. I didn’t read the listed out items of any packaged products I consumed. I wanted to quit raw/refined Sugar, not hidden sugars) 

What were my goals?

  • They say anything done for 21 days becomes a habit. Needless to say I wanted no sugar to become a habit.
  • I wanted to develop will power, since I have never had any.
  • I wanted to de-addict myself.
  • I wanted to get healthier.

Losing weight wasn’t a goal at all. All I knew was that cutting down on sugar would help me get healthier and I wanted to start that process inside out.

How did I fare?

I imagined that it would be difficult to stay without sugar since I went cold turkey.

Surprisingly it wasn’t. I had a smooth start with almost no cravings. I did well for the first 10 days.

The 11th day to the 15th day were the days that truly tried my patience though! I was literally in tears on the 13th day, sitting with an unwrapped bar of chocolate in my hand post dinner and telling myself, ‘This challenge can go to hell!’ but I held back, put the chocolate back, gulped down a glass of water and went to bed.

What did I achieve

Eliminating sugar for 21 Days brought about these changes.

  • 1) No migraine at all for the last 21 days
  • 2) My anxiety levels went down.
  • 3) I found myself becoming calmer
  • 4) I felt lighter, fresher and rested
  • 5) My skin is glowing
  • 6) Bodily aches and pains have reduced
  • 7) I feel more energetic and have become more active
  • 8) My thoughts and memory have become sharper and clearer
  • 9) My gut feels good
  • 10) I feel good overall
  • 11) My taste buds have become sharper
  • 12) My bloating and water retention have reduced by half, and are on a further downward spiral
  • 13) I lost 2 kgs

What happened when I tasted sugar after 21 days

  • Everything sweet that I ate tasted way too sweet
  • Eating sweets made me feel nauseous
  • I realised that consuming sugar and eating sweets is a habit, not a necessity.

What do I plan to do now, post the challenge?

I am hoping to do this challenge once again.

Till I start, I hope to continue cut back on sugar, save for special occasions

What helped me sail through?

I started enjoying how much healthier I began feeling

I put myself out there on Instagram and the support I got from friends and complete strangers was heart-warming and spurred me on.

So, after reading my experience are you inspired enough to try the 21 Day No Sugar Challenge too?

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