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13 Outcomes of Completing the 21 Day No Sugar Challenge

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I am was addicted to sugar. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have an entire set of 32 sweet teeth.

This was a bitter realisation I had when I found myself getting anxious and craving for a dessert post dinner and I had none at hand.

I sat back to take notes of how much sugar/many sweets I consumed on a daily basis. I realised that I need, and eat, desserts or chocolate after each meal, and in between meals too. It didn’t help that I make all my Mithai’s at home. Sugar is the world's most popular drug. Click To Tweet

The fact that I couldn’t do without my sugar fix was disturbing.

That is when I decided that I need to undertake a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge.

Interestingly, I ran a poll on Instagram asking people if they thought I would be able to successfully complete the challenge, and ‘NO’ won by a huge margin!  I was mortified, and secretly agreed with them.

Strangely, this self-doubt spurred me to start. I read up on the internet about this challenge and decided to come up with my own version of it. I wanted to set goals that challenged me and were doable.



What were my 21 Day No Sugar Challenge rules:

  • No sugar in any form, white, brown, refined, raw.
  • No aerated drinks
  • No canned juices
  • No desserts/chocolates.
  • No biscuits/cookies/cake

(Edited to add, because I am being asked this question a lot : I didn’t give up rice and ate fruits in moderation. I didn’t read the listed out items of any packaged products I consumed. I wanted to quit raw/refined Sugar, not hidden sugars) 

What were my goals?

  • They say anything done for 21 days becomes a habit. Needless to say I wanted no sugar to become a habit.
  • I wanted to develop will power, since I have never had any.
  • I wanted to de-addict myself.
  • I wanted to get healthier.

Losing weight wasn’t a goal at all. All I knew was that cutting down on sugar would help me get healthier and I wanted to start that process inside out.

How did I fare?

I imagined that it would be difficult to stay without sugar since I went cold turkey.

Surprisingly it wasn’t. I had a smooth start with almost no cravings. I did well for the first 10 days.

The 11th day to the 15th day were the days that truly tried my patience though! I was literally in tears on the 13th day, sitting with an unwrapped bar of chocolate in my hand post dinner and telling myself, ‘This challenge can go to hell!’ but I held back, put the chocolate back, gulped down a glass of water and went to bed.

What did I achieve

Eliminating sugar for 21 Days brought about these changes.

  • 1) No migraine at all for the last 21 days
  • 2) My anxiety levels went down.
  • 3) I found myself becoming calmer
  • 4) I felt lighter, fresher and rested
  • 5) My skin is glowing
  • 6) Bodily aches and pains have reduced
  • 7) I feel more energetic and have become more active
  • 8) My thoughts and memory have become sharper and clearer
  • 9) My gut feels good
  • 10) I feel good overall
  • 11) My taste buds have become sharper
  • 12) My bloating and water retention have reduced by half, and are on a further downward spiral
  • 13) I lost 2 kgs

What happened when I tasted sugar after 21 days

  • Everything sweet that I ate tasted way too sweet
  • Eating sweets made me feel nauseous
  • I realised that consuming sugar and eating sweets is a habit, not a necessity.

What do I plan to do now, post the challenge?

I am hoping to do this challenge once again.

Till I start, I hope to continue cut back on sugar, save for special occasions

What helped me sail through?

I started enjoying how much healthier I began feeling

I put myself out there on Instagram and the support I got from friends and complete strangers was heart-warming and spurred me on.

So, after reading my experience are you inspired enough to try the 21 Day No Sugar Challenge too?

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  1. Well done Mayuri. It’s inspiring to read about successful challenges and I’m glad this worked so well for you.

    All the best for the next challenge. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge, M! Self-control is the biggest hindrance and you’ve achievd that. The positive signs after the challenge are surely remarkable. All the best for taking it again.

  3. I also have a “sweet tooth” or “sweet teeth”!! 🙂 Lets hope I take up the no sweet challenge some day…

  4. Oh…yes,indeed you were closing when we met. Glad that you did complete the challenge.Kudos,M

  5. Congrats on the successful win over sugar…keep it up ..

  6. Mayuri Nidigallu Anagha Yatin

    Congratulations Mayuri. Can see the welcome side effects of this challenge from your recent photos. You have set goals for us. I m tempted to take up the challenge!

    1. Thanks, Anagha. Glad you’re joining me.

  7. What a Challenge! Now, you have inspired me to go after this.

    Kudos to you for completing the challenge. And thanks for sharing the bit about the struggle midway. When I reach that spot, I would know I am not alone and that it happens and that I can conquer it too.

    1. Thank you, Sonia. I am going for Round 2. Starting the challenge again, on Monday-23 Rd July. Let me know if you’d like to join me.

  8. Inspired Mayuri…. Now time for me to give this a shot!

    1. Thanks, Ramya. I am starting a #30DayNoSugarChallenge on Monday, 23rd July. You could join me.

  9. congrats for completing the challenge. Thanks for knowing us what you achieved without taking sugar, it was really informative.

    1. Thank you for reading, Abhisek.

  10. Congrats on completing the challenge, Mayuri! Frankly, it’s something I will fail at, miserably, being an avid sweet-lover, myself. 🙂
    Your willpower is super strong!

    1. That is what I thought too, Shilpa, until I proved otherwise to myself. Thanks fro reading.

  11. No sugar challenge in itself sounds so challenging. I can hardly give up on anything that I love to the core and when it comes to sugar, it’s a must after each meal. BTW hats off to you and your determination. Super proud of you! 🙂

  12. I am inspired Mayuri, Incredible! Now pls make me join you next time you begin it and be strict with me 🙂

    1. Thank you, Roma. I am starting a #30DayNoSugarChallenge on Monday, 23rd July. You could join me.

  13. Awesome work and all the best for the next challenge Mayuri. I am planning to eliminate sugar too but I am addicted to tea. Got to fix that, I am inspired now.

    1. Thank you. Do it, Inderpreet. I am starting a #30DayNoSugarChallenge on Monday, 23rd July. You could join me.

  14. inspirational post keep rocking

  15. Kudos Mayuri. I saw your updates regularly and was rooting for you to finish it. So glad that you did despite all challenges. Yes, sugar is bad or for that matter salt too if we take it in excess. So going forward what would you want to do? Continue the no sugar thing or find some sort of a midway?

    1. Thank you, Rachna. The plan is to start a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, after which I need to find a mid way.

  16. Well done Mayuri, I am so stoked with your successful completion. You have inspired many, I being one of those. I am not much of a sugar fan, hence quitting it for a month was not a big deal. But my biggest challenge is when it comes to waffles, coffee, and brownies.

    Good luck for your next challenge.

  17. Mayuri, thank you! Thank you for writing this post. Because the way you put it, I find this doable, and not at all intimidating.

    But I have a question: Did you also cut down on hidden sugars in carbs, rice/wheat/bread etc? It wasn’t on your list, but I thought I’d check because I feel like I can handle what you did, but cutting out the carbs will be difficult.

    1. Thank you for reading, Shantala. No, I didn’t cut down on hidden sugars. I set goals I wanted to achieve, and not become this paranoid person reading the backs of packages of everything I buy.For someone who consumes as much sugar as I did, what I gave up was good enough 🙂

  18. Congrats on completing the challenge. I knew you would be able to make it and so glad you did it. Sugars are just empty calories and the key is the moderation. All the best for your next challenge.

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  21. Just what I need to do ! loved reading it

  22. Mayuri Nidigallu Anchal

    I tried and it lasted for only one day. SO proud of your success

  23. […] 3 months ago I embarked on and successfully completed a No Sugar Challenge. The results of which were so inspiring that a few of my friends took it up as well. The ones who […]

  24. This is insightful.. Thanks for sharing I too will try it

  25. i would love too, even i am literally a sweet addict, you can say that

  26. This is inspiring.. I must take this challenge too..

  27. Mayuri Nidigallu Anisha Agrawal

    I started my 30 days clean eating challenge today only and this post is such an inspiration.. After reading this now I know that i can really do it ❤️❤️

  28. I read your blog just on time for me. I suffer all those you mentioned..N I definately going to take the challenge for myself.

  29. Woah! This must have been difficult and amazing at the same time! I don’t know if I can go without sugar all at once. I’ll keep it for later I guess as I have so many challenges lined up.

  30. Well done, Mayuri. I was amongst the one who voted for a No. But yeah, after seeing your success, I am extremely happy and I am happy to read all the positive outcomes that you derived after the successful completion of the challenge.
    It’s true that you need a lot of willpower and I possess none and I could never imagine taking part in something like this. I gave a thought after getting inspired reading your success story but by then I had realized that I had 5 gallons of Orange Juice from the Walmart. So no Sugar Challenge from my side for another 3 weeks but I would definitely give it a try for sure and record my findings if I ever happen to complete it successfully.

    SO good to see this blog again after a long long long long time. Stay in touch , Mayuri!

    The Solitary Writer

  31. Wow. I must try this as I am also struggling with weight & health these days.

  32. I needed to read this… Have been planning to cut down on sugar and have not achieved much success…

  33. Well done! I have been wanting to leave sugar since a long time now. I leave it in between but then get back to it. I’m inspired to take up the challenge!

  34. Well done. Like You, I also have 32 sweet teeth. I can’t live without having something sweet after every meal. Chocolates toh I can’t resist. After this post, I feel I should try this too.

  35. Supergood.. Now I am up to take this challenge… Thanks for posting these 13 benefits

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