Sugarfree Dry Dates Halwa

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250 grams dry Dates (called kharek/khajoor)
Milk 1/2 Cup
Ghee 3 Tbsp
Soak the dates in water overnight. They should be plump and puffed up the next morning
Discard the water used to soak the dates in and deseed the dates
Grind to a fine paste, adding the milk to it
Heat the ghee in a pan
Add the dates paste to it
Keep stirring on a low flame, taking the flame to high in between
You will need to keep stirring till the halwa starts darkening in colour and the ghee starts seperating (it is a bit of a muscle building exercise!;)
When done, garnish with nuts of choice
Dry dates are an excellent source of Iron. This halwa is very good for those suffering from anaemia. It is a great cure for constipation as well.
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  1. Amazing blog helpful to get info…

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