Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Why are we here? How long will we continue to feel this way? When will this period of agony end? Questions darken the horizon, and no answers seem to be in sight. Will bright blue skies and fluffy clouds ever make an appearance again?

Metaphors for how most of us feel right now. 

Finding yourself in a situation you can do nothing to change, is like being caught in a trap. You don’t know how to set yourself free, and any attempt you try to do so ends up hurting you and clamping you in deeper.

Not being able to go outside forced me to go within. A journey that had been long overdue. I hesitated a thousand times before taking the 1st step. It was scary. It wasn’t easy. I fumbled. I thought of going back, but I knew I had to venture forth. When I surrendered myself to it, it made me realize that this darkness was something I needed. I needed to shut my eyes so that I could see better.

I ventured into the deep end of my consciousness. It was lonely. It made me uncomfortable. Then suddenly it was comforting, it embraced me. The deep end made me adjust my senses. To see better, to feel better. To understand myself better. As I felt my way around the darkness, I realized that doing so was changing my perspective. The flotsam that seemed so insurmountable when viewed from above, were just fluff that I brushed aside and they receded into oblivion. What I was scared to face were only phantom shadows that my fears had made seem larger than life.

The darkness heightened my instinct. It made me aware of where I was and who I was. It brought to the fore powers I had allowed to atrophy. I realized that one could get used to any circumstances that they found themselves in, even seeking solace by justifying it. The secret is to not.

The deeper I went within, the more I  realized how close the light is.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow_sirimiri

Find your way out, at your own pace. There is no rush. Darkness is not scary. It is like the womb that sheltered and nourished you, till you were ready to be let out into the world.

Keep finding your way around, till you do.

And one day, when the time is right and you’re ready you will see the light and move towards it. Towards sunshine and blue skies with fluffy clouds. Somewhere Over the Rainbow…where skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true…

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