Hip! Hip! HiPi! ZEE5 brings you #HappinessOnHiPi , an integrated short video platform

As I was watching Churails, I was thinking to myself how ZEE5 has upped the bar when it comes to content, and continues to do so. I began wondering what could it possibly add to its kitty now? I got my answer soon enough!

Yipee, it’s HiPi! Yes, the all new HiPi is the answer.

What is HiPi?

Missing Tik-Tok? Have a ZEE5 subscription? Just update the current ZEE5 App to access HiPi on your phone! If no, get one as ZEE5 ‘s latest offering, ‘HiPi’ is a short video creating platform accessed solely through the ZEE5 app. No separate subscription charges apply.

Here is where you can find HiPi on your ZEE5 app


Made for an Atmanirbhar Bharat, ZEE5’s all Indian innovative and exciting platform called ‘HiPi’ is where Indians can create the most ingenious and exciting content with the help of all the state-of-the-art features it offers. The experience in HiPi is just like what you would get on other short video platforms. It offers vertical scrolling of hundreds of videos that can be liked or shared across various social media platforms.

The unique feature of HiPi is that every single content piece which is visible on the platform is moderated before it goes live. Which means, budding artists and creators now have a fun, and safe, platform to display their talents. Only available on the Android PlayStore now, HiPi will soon be available on IOS too.

HiPi allows users to create videos of up to 90 seconds and enhance them with music tracks, filters and visual effects.

What’s my favourite bit about HiPi? Apart from the super easy to use app and the fun challenges, I love the varied filters!

Hip! Hip! HiPi! ZEE5_#HappinessOnHiPi_Short_Video_Sirimiri


Do you know which are the Top 10 most-used Filters on HiPi?

This is how you can select a Filter

HiPi has a unique set of beauty filters that can ‘get you ready and make you look glamorous’ without you actually doing so. You can use these filters to play around with your look and create content that looks amazing.

There is a Sparkling Beauty Filter which can make you look all dewy and fresh. Girls will just love it!

The Time Lapse Filter that can be used to enhance nature shots in the most beautiful way, among using it for other things.

Looking to create impactful content? The Fire Explosions Filter can be used along with the appropriate music to wow your viewers!

Fire Explosions Filter

Is there anyone who does not know what a Beauty Filter is and what it does? It transforms you instantly, it is literally like using a magic wand!

Want to create eye-catching content? The Black and White Filter can turn you into monochrome even as your surroundings and background remain colourful. I find this filter the most interesting and eye catching.

If comedy is your thing and bringing a smile to your viewers faces is what you aim for, you’ll love The Funny Faces Filter. Remember those mirrors at fairs that distort your facial features into funny shapes. That’s the effect it gives.

The Light Filter can be used to click better pictures.

If you are a Beauty Blogger you will love the Beauty Filter which makes you look great, giving you the perfect jaw line and making you look sharp.

The Fast Forward app is another addition that can give a fresh new look to your videos

Light and Snow effects can be used with Beauty Filters to make your videos looks very professional and dreamy.

So, when are you going Hip! Hip! HiPi?


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