Review: Meet these Captivating Churails on ZEE5

What is a Churail?

Churail or Chudail is an Urdu / Hindi word for a woman who is considered to be a Witch. It is also a word used as an endearment.  

What happens when four women of varying ages and backgrounds, and from different stratum of society come together? They decide to open a Women’s Clothing Store! A clothing store ? What is the big deal about that? Don’t most women, who are bored, open one?

This exclusive clothing store, Halal Designs, is simply a front for what these four really want to do. Detective work! Yes, you read right. The store that sells colourful Burquas upfront has a covert detective agency tucked away inside. Their mission: to expose husbands who cheat on their wives, all from the crème de la crème of high society in Karachi.

A bored lawyer turned Trophy Wife, an ex-Convict, a supressed and angry Boxer and an almost out of work Wedding Planner form the fabulous foursome.

Directed by the acclaimed Asim Abassi, ‘Churails’, is the first Pakistani show to be telecast on an Indian video on demand platform.


The look of the show is contemporary and chic and the cast is young and fresh. If you have been an avid watcher of Pakistani serials, like I have, you are sure to spot some familiar faces.

Batool the ex-convict is played by Nimra Bucha. Zubaida the Boxer is played by Mehar Bano. Sarwat Gilani Mirza, the ex-lawyer and present Trophy Wife, plays Sara and the almost out of work Wedding Planner, Jugnoo is played by Yasra Rizvi. These Super Heroes don’t wear a cape or a mask, instead they wear a Burqua.


The Boxer, Zubaida’s hacker boyfriend Shams (played by Kashif Hussain) and Jugnu’s assistant Dilbar (Sarmed Aftab Jadraan) are the two men who help this quirky quartet recruit more women to this cause.

It all starts when Sara finds out that her perfect husband and family is just a façade and her husband has been cheating on her for a long time. One thing leads to another and the plan of the Detective Agency is formed.

A very sensitive and serious issue is handled deftly and carefully wrapped is layers of humour and wit to stop it from getting too dark. Along with cheating husbands, topics usually brushed under the carpet, like physical and mental abuse, child abuse domestic violence, drug abuse and the trafficking of Women are other problems they find themselves handling.

While they are out saving women from the depths of misery they don’t pause to realise that they are being watched and are making enemies too. Will the cover of the detective agency be blown away? Will these four women be revealed for the world, and for their families, to see? Watch this feminist and fun serial and don’t be surprised if you find yourself silently acknowledging #MainChurailHoon

Remember in a previous post I mentioned buying the ZEE5 Value Pack for myself. Well, this is the first show I watched and what a delightful choice it was! Can’t wait to find out if there is going to be a Season 2!

Churails has been streaming on Zindagi on ZEE5 from the 11th of August. The 1st Season has 10 episodes of 55 minutes each. Perfect for a binge watch.

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