Doggone it! #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips

Doggone: Used to express feelings of surprise, pleasure or annoyance.

One morning our friends, Aparna and Prem, called us up, ‘Come home, we have a surprise to share!’ All through day I wracked my brains, trying to  figure out what the surprise could be, getting curiouser with each passing hour.

We reached their home the next morning to see a dog so small, it could fit in my palms. A Shih Tzu, Asher, who was 2 months old.

The moment I saw Asher move, I hid behind my Husband. ‘What can this tiny dog do you you?’ he scolded, ‘go pet it!’. ‘Not on my life!’ I remember saying. I rushed to the nearest sofa, sat with my legs up and surrounded myself with cushions so that the dog could not get to me.

This is Asher and Me, when he was a few months old. He rushed to me before I had a chance to barricade myself with cushions!:)))

I watched Asher from afar, and he watched me. He attempted to run, skidding on the floor instead. After taking a few steps he would flop down on the floor, exhausted as he flattened himself fully, resembling a throw rug. I was delighted by his antics!

After I went home I could not stop thinking about Asher and wondering what he was up to, In fact I missed him so much that we landed on Aparna and Prem’s doorstep the very next day to meet him.

Asher and I have a ritual. When we ring the doorbell of our friends house,  Aparna or Prem hold up Asher. I seat myself on the Sofa and barricade myself behind cushions. After which they let Asher down and he heads straight towards me. Asher now recognises me. He listens to me. He is my biggest stress buster. (Pssttttt! He gnaws at my husband’s feet, brownie points to him for that!)

Asher at the window when we ring the bell

I have asked Asher not to lick my hands when I pet him. He listened to  me. He now just sits still and allows me to pet him. Petting a dog is the most soothing thing in the world, btw!

Doggone _Asher_Sirimiri

We all have memories from beautiful journeys we have undertaken, where we traveled to places we wanted to and some which were a surprise.

However mental and emotional journeys are equally important. I crossed a block and a milestone by meeting Asher. Thanks to him I am slowly getting over my fear of animals (hopefully) I now understand why dogs are known as a human’s best friend. I have experienced how an animal, who cannot talk, can understand what you are feeling and tries its best to make you smile.

I joke to everyone that Asher is my long distance pet. What I am very serious about is that he has a piece of my heart.

This Blogpost is part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi

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