What’s new at the all new Blogchatter #IRollWithBlogchatter

What is Blogchatter?

Blogchatter is an Online Blogging / Blogger Community. They are predominant on Twitter, very active on Facebook and making their presence felt on Instagram. If you are a Blogger, Writer, an aspiring Author or just love writing,  Blogchatter is where you should be.

What does Blogchatter do?

Writing Campaigns. Author Chats and Book Carnivals. Book Reviews. Paid Assignments and Paid Guest Posts for Bloggers. If you have dreamt of being an Author, Blogchatter can help you realise your dream.

Their Wednesday Twitter Chats (at 8:30 pm IST) are what we look forward to. Participating is a great way to meet fellow Bloggers and introduce yourself. The topics are varied and there are 5 Amazon Gift Vouchers to be won.



What’s new about the all new Blogchatter?

A bit of a Background: I signed up with Blogchatter when they had just launched and I have watched them grow exponentially. What is noteworthy though is that they always kept the joy on tap, letting it flow along as they shared new ideas and campaigns to keep us writing.

The Blog has always been the central focus when it came to Blogchatter, irrespective of which Social Media was trending. Even when we heard disheartening rumours about the death of the Blog and Blogging , Blogchatter not only kept us going , but added paid assignments and Guest Posts to make us reaffirm our faith in both, and ourselves.

Now, with almost everyone going digital, and people scurrying to either get back to Blogging and Blogs, we can’t help but feel a bit smug that we persisted all along.

So, back to what’s new at Blogchatter. They re-launched their spanking new website yesterday, 5th September 2020. They shared it with us, their community, in the most wonderful way. We were invited to a Secret Party, on Zoom, where this big announcement was made. It make us feel special, and made us feel super proud of being part of a community that exemplifies what a community means.

The earlier tagline of Blogchatter read as, ‘Take your Blog to the next level’. Their spanking new tagline is Blogchatter: Let’s talk about you. Enough said, right! 

The mint new website is a delight, with so many new features, and more to be added. You can now submit your posts on the site, check out your website analytics, spruce up your profile and apply for book reviews. There is cool, new lingo used too, find out what ‘Rolling’ and ‘BlogRoll’ mean! Do take a look at it here.

Should you register with Blogchatter?

Why ever not, I ask? If you have an active Blog or are looking to create one. Are passionate about writing, and reading. Want that bit of encouragement, and to meet fellow writers and bloggers, go ahead and register. 

See you there!

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