5 Ways I will turn into a Masked Warrior when the Lockdown eases #MadeToProtect

It has been almost 150 days of us staying at home. Whoever imagined that we would
experience a Lockdown? This period is sure to go down in history and will be recalled in
stories for a long time to come.

Staying indoors created a phrase most of us have found ourselves using often, ‘The New
Normal’. As being cooped up inside our homes taught us fresh coping mechanisms, and
introduced us to traits we were unaware we possessed.

Each of us is hopeful that there will be an Unlock Quarantine announcement soon, because
logically speaking for how long can we continue to live like this? After all there is life and
routines to get back to, travel to undertake and jobs and studies waiting.

Doctors have let us know that this we will have to learn to live with some lifestyle changes.
I must confess though that the thought of stepping out into the world has been making me a
tad apprehensive. After being confined to the safety of my home I am psyching myself into
readiness to being exposed to crowds again. But we will have to step out eventually and it is
best that we do so fully prepared.


Like a Warrior, I will have to equip myself to ensure that I am fully ‘armed’ against this
tricky situation. As a self-anointed ‘Masked Warrior’ I am readying my arsenal to keep
myself healthy for when the lockdown ends in India and I step out:

Keeping my Immunity up: The Lockdown gave us more than enough time to work on our
Immunity. What also worked in boosting it up was the lack of restaurant deliveries which
made us turn to home food. Fresh home-cooked food is the best way to up your Immunity, as
it getting fresh air and exercise, drinking enough water and sleeping well. Something most of
us have been doing through the Lockdown.

Keeping Distance: Social Distance has been imbibed and practised through these past 150
days and doing so comes naturally now. This is one habit we all will need to maintain even as
we resume our normal lives soon.

Minimal Contact: Apart from Social Distancing, maintaining minimal contact with external
surfaces like doors, table tops, walls, and while using public transport is another habit we
should continue.

Sanitizing: We have become experts at sanitizing surfaces and hand washing and perhaps
that has helped us to stay safe. Let us continue this habit, more so now that Online Shopping
will resume and our packages will start reaching us.

Wearing a Mask: The Lockdown has given me enough time to do a series of Trials and
Errors as I tried out different masks. While some were aesthetically pleasing, they flattened
my nose and pulled at my ears. Others were comfortable but were flimsy and did not offer
adequate protection. I wash the one I use as soon as I get home, so that meant reusable masks
that would hold their shape and colour. 

The Welspun Health Anti-Bacterial Reusable Masks were a great find. These lightweight,
pure Cotton Masks offer 99.9% Bacterial Protection which is effective for up to 50 washes.
They are available in attractive Colours/Patterns & sizes for Kids and Adults. Certified by
Independent quality labs these Masks come with mask fit adjusters that makes wearing these
a super comfortable experience.

These masks are untouched by bare hands in the manufacturing & supply chain process, and
hence, are #MadeToProtect you even before you wear them.

Wearing a Mask is not only a necessity, it is a Social Responsibility. Which one are you


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. . 😷The Lockdown has to open up sometime, and when it does we should be prepared to face the New Normal. . 😷As a self-anointed ‘Masked Warrior’ I am readying my arsenal to keep myself healthy for when the lockdown ends in India and I step out: . 😷My Mask will be my most essential weapon and I have a number of them to protect me for when I step out. 😷Welspun has been a company that I literally grew up with, as when it comes to Bedsheets & Towels I remember using those made by Welspun. When I found out that they are making Masks I was sure they would be something special and they are; . 😷The Welspun Anti-Bacterial Reusable Masks provides 99.9 % Bacteria Protection. 😷They are made with 100% Cotton breathable fabric with Dual Shield Technology for Increased Protection and are Liquid Resistant 😷High V-shape Design for better coverage. 😷While the Masks are available in colorful variants they are lined with a Skin safe white inner layer. 😷The Masks are untouched by bare hands hence #MadeToProtect. 😷Come with Mask Adjusters, so that the Mask fits snugly and gives full coverage no matter what shape your face is. 😷Does not flatten my nose or pull at my ears. 😷Proudly Made in India. . 😷Are you going to be a Masked Warrior like me too? . #Sirimiri #Welspun #Collab #Blogchatter #Mask #FaceMask #Lockdown #Protection #Cotton #ProductReviewer #ProductReview #Review #Chennai #ChennaiReviewer #ChennaiBlogger

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