All That You Need To Know About The ZEE5 Club Pack

I just realised that those of us who live in India have spent more than 125 days in Lockdown. We never imagined that we would see this situation in our lifetime, did we?

I don’t know about you but I have taken this Lockdown period very seriously. I only step out when it is absolutely essential. After all, staying at home, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, wearing a Mask when outside and sanitizing your hands is the only way to keep ourselves safe.

The one big advantage of staying at home is that it has brought families closer. All those complaints that spouses, parents, children had, ‘You have no time for us’ are bound to never be voiced again. The one big disadvantage of being locked in though has been the increased workload. With no house help allowed it has fallen on us to do everything ourselves.

After slogging away all day all we all need to lighten up and relax at the end of it. At home we naturally turn towards the Television or OTT platforms. Yes, even me, who was never much of a glued to the screen type person, as I would choose reading a book to staring at the screen anytime.


While all of us did spend the initial months individually watching what we wanted to on our respective gadgets and individual OTT platforms, we have now realised that doing so is not only boring but a senseless waste of electricity and money.

Now, we have varied tastes we keep going back to. My in-laws are hooked to regional (Telugu and Tamil) Tele Serials, Cinema and the News. My Husband wants to watch the newest series / film crime thrillers and action films (Hindi and otherwise) as soon as they release. As for me, Pakistani Series (if you haven’t watched Durr E Shehwar (Dhoop Chaaon) you don’t know what you’re missing!) are my all-time favourites! Sadly, I am the only one, in a largely non-Hindi speaking household, who enjoys these Urdu based series.


And so began our search for OTT value packs that would tick all the boxes for us. We wanted a package that would have something for each of us and our varied tastes. Our research was almost disappointing, till we chanced upon the ZEE5 Club Pack .

The Highlights of the ZEE5 Club Pack are; assorted shows – Zindagi shows, Alt Balaji shows. There are no advertisements to disturb you while you watch your favourite serials. Are you a Movie Buff ? You’ll be spoilt for choice, with 1000+ popular movies to choose from. Love watching Serials? You have a big advantage, as you get to watch your serials on the ZEE5 platform before they release on TV.

In addition to all these benefits, do you know what I am most thrilled about? I get to watch my most awaited and the most-loved Zindagi Shows while I am home bound. (P:S: Going to start with Aunn Zara!)

Entertainment becomes even more personalized with the ZEE5 Club Pack .With each of our wants and likes taken care of, the ZEE5 Club Pack got a resounding collective yes from us.

What about you? What are you watching this Lockdown?

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