Mafia on ZEE5 – When Friendship is a Game

Friends. Friendship. Reunions. We all have memories associated with these, don’t we?

We have made friends and we have parted with friends. There are some friendships that have stood the test of time while others have wilted along the way. True friends and friendships grow with us. They know our good sides and bad sides, just as we know theirs. Friends know each other’s joys and sorrows and they have traded secrets.

Mafia is a new web series in Hindi debuting on ZEE5 very soon and is all about friends, friendships, and secrets. The intriguing premise has already got you curious, right?

Mafia_ ZEE5 _Friendship_Game_Sirimiri

What is Mafia about? Six former friends who used to be extremely close knit while in college are now estranged. They decide to let bygones be bygones and agree to meet after 5 years, reuniting for a bachelorette party in Madhupur.

Ironically, what binds the six of them together is the memory of a horrifying incident which had torn them apart all those years ago. Set in the midst of the mysterious and dark jungles of Jharkhand, the location and the cinematography set the perfect backdrop for this psychological thriller.


After they meet and break the ice the six friends decide to start playing a game. Mafia, a popular board game most of us will remember playing in our childhood. However, instead of bonding over it, the game brings out the worst in then, provoking each one to act on their hidden agendas filled with deceit and betrayal.

The reunion that was meant to bring everyone closer serves to rake up the past trauma afresh instead. Turning what was meant to be idyllic get together to bond into a dangerous cat and mouse game. The secret that had held them together then now threatens to split them apart.

The cast of Mafia is as refreshing and exciting as the story is. Namit Das, whose face most of us are familiar with, plays Nitin and is the protagonist. Tammany Dhanania is Rishi.  Madhurima Roy is Tanya and Isha M Saha plays Ananya. Anindita Bose is Neha and Saurabh Saraswath, are the fresh faces. Mafia is directed by Birsa Gupta and produced by SK  Movies.

Mafia on ZEE5 is a psychological thriller, a crime series that is sure to have you hooked. It is a game that will be played in real life, on your screens. Where the past will take over the present and decide the future of the six. Friends will become pawns and only the best player will win.

ZEE5 has been my saviour this Lockdown. It has been the OTT I turn to for novel content that keeps me glued to the screen. It has enriching programs for all age groups, from adults to kids.

Mark your calendars for July, to find out how a popular game “Mafia” forms the central motif to a gritty murder mystery. Stay tuned and wait for the complete story to unfold on the 10th July 2020 on ZEE5.

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