The Sweet Taste of Poison2, on ZEE5

OTT platforms have been my savior all through this crazy Pandemic. After 7 months of binge-watching on series and films, one would think we would have had enough of them, right? I thought so too.


OTT Series are still what I reach for at the end of a tiring day. Or even when I want to take a wee break in between chores and work, as sneaking in a quick episode is what refreshes me instantly.

What to watch is my forever dilemma!

However, have you realized that there is one painful part of watching series? It is deciding what to watch! You have to look and search before you zero in on what to watch. Which is why I go by recommendations from people I trust. Yes, there may be a few hits and misses but that happens even when you pick something on your own, doesn’t it?


What’s new on ZEE5?

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you will realize how I lean towards ZEE5 among all the OTT platforms I watch. I am up to date with all the latest shows here. For instance, did you know that Rangbaaz, Abhay, and Mafia are the Top 3 Thrillers to watch on ZEE5?

A couple of months ago my friend asked me to watch a series called Poison. Now, the title itself got me curious. Poison Season 1 on ZEE5 was an 11 episode series with an impressive cast of Arbaaz Khan, Riya Sen, Freddy Daruwala and Tanuj Virwani, and others. This series marked Arbaaz Khan’s digital debut. The premise was revenge, by an innocent man convicted for a crime he did not commit. The thriller was engaging, fast-paced, and superbly directed.

Why you should watch Poison 2?

Poison was such a well-accepted series that ZEE5 is back with another chapter. Poison 2 is releasing on the 16th of October. The only thing similar to the first season is the title, everything else is new.

Poison 2 on ZEE5 has a spanking new team behind it. Starring Aftab Shivdasani and Raai Laxmi, this Series is the web debut for both.

I have a feeling that Poison 2 is going to be even more thrilling and fast-paced than Season 1 was. With the premise of an edgy revenge drama, there are sure to be twists, turns, and surprises galore. #RevengeNeverEnds and it continues to unfold on screen in a new form.

Along with the lead pair, you will see biggies like Rahul Dev, Pooja Chopra, Gautam Gulati, Zain Iman, Karan Veer Mehra, Pawan Chopra, Joy Sengupta, and Taher Shabbir playing important roles alongside. Now, with a star cast this exciting I am sure season 2 will be so as well. It promises to be high on glamour and a thrilling mysterious plot.


The Trailer is tempting!

If the formidable star cast wasn’t enough, the premise of Revenge is something that always perks up interest and hooks you in. Going by trailer and the posters I would say #Poison2 is back with another chapter where we will witness revenge being the purest emotion. See for yourself, watch the trailer here.

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