Say goodbye to dandruff – with this secret ingredient! #BeSelsunSure

I still remember my 12th grade farewell party. I was so excited to attend it and flaunt the brand-new midnight blue dress bought according to the theme of the party. There I was, all dressed to the nines and having the time of my life, catching up with friends and thanking teachers. Suddenly my best friend came and stood right behind me and gently tapped my shoulder. I got extremely irritated when she did it again on the other one and shot her a dirty look.

It was only later, as we were on our way home from the party, that I asked her why she had tapped me like that.

‘There was dandruff on your shoulders!’ she exclaimed.

‘What? Dandruff? Me? I don’t have dandruff,’ I countered.

‘Well, now you do,’ she replied.

I turned to look back at my shoulders, and sure enough a fine dust of ‘snow’ lay on my midnight blue dress!

I was horrified! How did I get dandruff? Why did I get dandruff? I asked myself. I couldn’t come up with any answer.


Over the next few weeks, I remember using multiple anti-dandruff shampoos but didn’t see the desired results. I guess I was unaware about how to choose the right dandruff shampoo in India.  Finally, my mother intervened and marched me to our dermatologist, who prescribed Selsun Suspension 2.5% shampoo.

Selsun is a topical medicated shampoo and contains 2.5% selenium sulphide, an effective anti-dandruff ingredient which really helped me to effectively treat and control my dandruff.  Selsun also gave me relief by clearing off those embarrassing white flakes from my scalp.

Using the shampoo was a simple step of applying it over my wet scalp and leaving it on for 2-3 minutes before washing it off. I was told to use it twice weekly for the first two weeks followed by once weekly for the next two weeks.

I saw reduction in dandruff after using Selsun. I really liked this shampoo and the positive results boosted my confidence too. Though dandruff does not go away permanently, it can be managed effectively and Selsun has been my companion ever since the dermatologist recommended it to me. Even now, I use it sometimes when my dandruff starts reappearing.        

Selsun Suspension 2.5% shampoo has been in India for many years now! Something that has been around for so long definitely has my trust.

Dandruff is a common hair problem and we sometimes aggravate it as we do not know how to choose the right dandruff shampoo. Our hair is the crown we never take off, which is why we must invest in it. Our hair is not only our crowning glory but also an indicator of our health. Take care of it well and it will help you look good always.



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