Why kids should Watch ‘Guddu’ the animated Series on ZEE5 Kids

‘Why can’t Guddu make this virus go away?’ asks my niece.

How many of us realise that children have had it the toughest in this lockdown period? The little ones can’t fully comprehend what this Virus is about and why it has forced them to stay home from school and away from their friends. They aren’t even permitted to go out and play, which is why they get cranky and hyper, as there is no way to expend all that energy. Most Moms I know are at their wits end, thinking up ways to keep their kids engaged and occupied.

My sister usually has very strict screen time rules for her twin daughters, and they happily abide. However, this countdown has changed all the rules for everyone, including screen time rules for Mom’s. She may have become generous by allowing more TV / Gadget views than she usually does but she is very particular about what content she allows her twins to watch in that time duration.


ZEE5 is one portal, with quality content. We adults have been enjoying engaging programs with refreshing storylines and great star cast line up on ZEE5 for a while now. They’ve gone one step further and introduced ZEE5 for Kids , available in all regional languages.

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Guddu ki Basti

Non-Stop Masti

Is the tagline for the Guddu Animated Series on ZEE5 and that itself should tell you how much fun the show is!

Guddu is a majestic Lion, the king of the Jungle. He cares for all his fellow animals and considers them to be friends. Guddu also heads a City Circus in Falana Nagar to bring joy and happiness in the animal’s lives.

Guddu’s gang has Bunty and Babli – the Flamingo Couple, Ballu – The Elephant, Three Naughty Monkeys called Chugli, Ugli and Googly. Honey Aunty the Bear, Jiru the Giraffe and more.

This fearless Lion fights the evil Cat Billori and her gang whose mission seems to be to keep creating havoc in his life.

Guddu likes to spread joy wherever he goes and thus converts the town Dukkhinagar into Kushinagar.


Children love watching this handsome Lion as he and his friends have loads of fun as they go about helping people. This whole gang has a great time, they crack jokes about each other and indulge in funny antics while they practice for their circus  show. Through Guddu and his friends children learn to differentiate between right and wrong too.

Guddu has become a friend of the children who watch him. My nieces think he is awesome and can do anything in the world. Which is why they want him to take the Virus away too.

The show is vibrant and a visual delight, which is also one reason it seems to be very popular with children. No surprise then it is the Best animated Series on ZEE5.

The voice over for Guddu has been given by versatile actor Javed Jaffery and he skillfully modulates his voice and tone to keep you riveted.

Watch Guddu animated Series on ZEE5. This 39 episode series started streaming from the 8th of May. Even adults can watch along with kids and relive their #NonStopBachFUN

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