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How to find the best places to visit in India if you are a foreign tourist

India is an amazing place to visit and is flooded with visitors all around the year. The nation is culturally rich and offers a unique blend of destinations to it’s visitors. If it is your first visit to India, it is recommended you know about the most popular destinations. This would help you enjoy the trip on a maximum scale. Gallivanting on your own may result in missing out on a lot of popular destinations. Here are some helpful ways to find out about the finest tourist points in India.,

5 ways to find places

1.    Go through travelling websites

On the internet, you can find information related to any domain and Indian tour destinations are not an exception. India is a large country with several states and provinces. Popular spots would vary with the destination you plan to visit. Agra is one of the gems of this amazing country and is known for the classic wonder the Taj Mahal. Some explanatory travelling pages provide complete information about the locations that would not be ignored.

Some pages provide outdated touring content to the readers. For instance, a website may provide positive comments about a beach resort in Goa that closed down a year back. It is a good practice to compare multiple online travel guides and compare the information they are providing. It helps in extracting 100% authentic details.

2.    Communicating with a tour guide

This is actually the best way to identity the top rated spots. For instance, if you want to tour Mumbai, a guide would recommend you to visit Essel World, Victoria Terminus and Film City. Similarly, if you are planning to have a blast in Goa, you would be told to visit the beaches or plan trips to popular pubs.

It is important to understand that a lot of guides claiming to know India inside out are only there to grab money so you have to be careful. Before you buy a tour package, make sure that there are no credibility issues.

3.    Searching images

If you do image search of popular destinations in a specific Indian city, countless snapshots would be shown to you. By going through the reviews that other tourists have given, you can pick the best spots. It is always good to research before you finally land in India.  Check the comments that have been given on each destination picture. If most of them are positive, you can add the place to your plan.

Looking at pictures always gives you a better idea about a touring alternative. It is not that simple to get so much clarity through text based information. We can take the example of the best locations in Goa. When you search for pictures, it would be easier to view the surroundings of each spot including market places, beaches and pubs.


 4.    Talk to people who have toured similar destinations

Before touring an Indian city, it is always good to talk to people who have been there. For instance, if you want to tour the city of Varanasi, get in touch with friends or relatives who have been there. This would help you in selecting the best spots and avoiding the less interesting ones.

  • At times, a tourist location that looks good on paper is not actually that good. Hence, when you hold a discussion with a friend or peer, making selection becomes a lot easier.

5.    Go through a dependable book on Indian Tourism

If you are not the tech dependent person who hates going through books, this option to locate tourist spots would not work for you. It requires patience to read hard copies as you cannot scroll to a specific line. However, if you spend the needed time, a good physical guide you give you complete insight on which places to tour in India. This is a slow but effective way to pick the most incredible spots.

Popular Tourist Locations in India

 India is not a small country so there are several ideal destinations in each city for tourists. Let us have a look at some famous cities and prominent touring options.

1.    Goa

Every Indian city offers a particular flavor to the tourists. Goa is all about relaxing at the beach, watching the most mesmerizing sunsets and clubbing. During summers, this is one of the most visited destinations in India. It is stormed with international visitors from various countries including United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy.

If you are planning to tour this amazing city, make sure that you do not skip the Flea Markets. These are low cost buying places mostly located near the beach. As compared to the main city shopping points, they are a lot cheaper.

2.    Mumbai

Mumbai can easily be rated as one of the most popular global cities. Apart from being one of the financial hubs of India, it is a source of attraction for tourists as well.

  • This city is known for its beach which goes by the name of Chowpatty. This place is always filled with tourists. If you talk about the sunset, it is mesmerizing. Apart from enjoying the view, you can always enjoy the delicious street food including “Cutting Chai”, “Vada Pav” and “Sev Puri”. These dishes ooze with Indian culture and have an incomparable taste.
  • If you are into clubbing, there are several pubs you can try. Depending on the location you are residing in, options located nearby can be explored.

3.    Agra

Unlike Mumbai, Agra is not a fast paced city and is known for the cultural significance of India. It has the seventh wonder called the Taj Mahal. Cultural experts, students, photographers and artists visit this place on all 365 days of the year.

  • If have a liking Indian history and cultural evolution, Agra is one city you should not ignore. The sights give immense information about ancient rulers including Mughal emperors. Students who have to write reports and college thesis on Indian culture always visit this city to collect data.
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