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The Woman That I Am… #RRxMM

The Woman That I Am…

…is careful to use the right words and tone while talking to others, but is at her harshest when talking to herself.

…has the wisdom and patience to bear every mistake made by the ones she loves, but none when she makes her own.

…has used up her reserves of kindness so liberally that she cannot find even a trace of it when she needs some.

…carves out time for everyone and every little thing, and faces a paucity of it when it comes to herself.

…keeps everyone in mind before making a choice and decision, while what she wants doesn’t figure anywhere on the list.

…is a good listener, but has silenced that inner voice that tells her what she does not want to hear.

…believes in doing everything to keep the peace, while a war rages inside.

…exceeds the expectations of others, and falls short for the few she has from herself.

…thinks of herself as someone who is powerful and emancipated while she ascertains that her thoughts and inhibitions bind her more than people do.

…has acknowledged that she has created a different persona for the world to see, one that is a complete contrast to what she really feels within, and refuses to live that lie anymore.

…does not regret a single day that she has lived so far, but it ready to re-mould herself anew.

The Woman That I Am…

…has turned her back to the Girl she left behind, and is ready to meet the Woman she has always aspired to be.

The Woman That I Am…could be me, could be you, could be every woman.


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