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Gratitude #BlogALeague

Jacqui stood facing the neat rows of the corn field. Yes, they were withered now due to the harsh Autumn but she remembered them when they were green and flourishing. The paths carved through the lush fields lead to a destination, to the harvest.

She remembered working here, head down with the harsh sun beating down on her back, thought swirling inside her head. Though the work was hard and the pay meagre, this was the only place that would hire her. These were the fields that had shown her the path.

After all small towns did not understand why a man always liked to be only with women without hitting them or sleeping with them. They were horrified when he later began to dress as one too.

Yes, Jack had grown up feeling trapped in his manly body. He felt like he was enclosed in a jar and his real self was begging him to let it break free. While working in the fields Jack decided that he would save up enough to escape to a city that not only accepted him for what he was but helped him become what he wanted to be.

Thanks to the wonders of medical science Jack was now Jacqui. At peace and happy and full of gratitude. Jack had left as a he and returned as a she to thank these fields. 

These were the 2 picture prompts for this week. I have used both to write this story.


This post is written for #BlogALeague with RuchiDipikaCharu, and Preetjyot‘.

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