5 Must-Have Beach Accessories

Summers are here and nothing provides relief as much as a good soak in the sea and having a sunkissed body to flaunt at the beach do! Because all bodies are beach ready, we don’t want you to get troubled by the haters at all. Put on the hottest beach accessories in town. Show yourself some much needed self love at your next beach vacay and get ready in these 5 quick and easy steps! (Thank us later with pictures!!!)

  1. Bikini! Need we say more?

Okay, so we know that our desi beaches can turn into creepy staring zones, but why stop having fun because of that! Put on a gorgeous bikini or a swimsuit, or if you do not want to go too bare out there (*we totally feel you, girl*), pick out some cute shorts and a breezy top. Remember to choose an outfit which is simplistic and does not have a lot of embellishments or pockets in it because you don’t want sand getting stuck in weird places! But don’t forget ladies, every body is a bikini body! Let no one tell you otherwise!


2) Wander Around With Wonderful Beach Accessories!

Now taking your accessories into water might not be an idea liked by many people, but hey, a beach vacation has so much more than just taking a dip in the nice and cold water, right?! Don’t do injustice to your stunning outfit by keeping it bereft of some wonderful pieces of fashion jewelry! We suggest opting for some gorgeous beach accessories like these statement bloom wonders if your outfit is minimal. If you want to go for something sleek and minimalistic, check these super classy minimalist tropical wonders from Wonder Wardrobes. And hey, no beach vacay is a legit beach vacay without some quintessential anklets!! Try these beaded boho pieces to add some sass to your outfit.

Jewelry - beach-accessories-sirimiri

3) Sunblock. Enough Said.

Girl, you want a glorious tan, not a skin-peeling sunburn! Slather up your body with generous dollops of sunblock with at least SPF 75. Higher the SPF, the better. This is an utmost important step in preparing for any beach vacay and ignoring this is a cardinal sin! And ladies, if you’re gonna put on some makeup, do make sure that it is water-proof! We you don’t want to look like a racoon at the end of a swim!


4) How’s Hat?!

Big and oversized hats have our heart and we cannot stress it further. Not only do they add oodles of glamour to even your most basic outfits, they help protect your hair and your scalp from the dreadful sun so well! Who said beach accessories couldn’t be useful! We suggest: don’t rely at the last moment to buy a hat at the beach because a) you might not get a really good quality and b) you might just get robbed of your money for no reason at all.

beach hat-beach-accessories-sirimiri

5) Sandals & Bags

We all love our heels but you don’t wanna take them to a beach. A beach vacay is your time to relax, so let loose and slide yor feet  into some flip flops or strappy flats for a chic yet comfortable look. Don’t forget to carry a biggish bag to store all your beach accessories like shades, sunblock, scarf, and a bottle of champagne (okay, maybe not the last one).

sandals n bag-beach-accessories-sirimiri

Ladies, get some tan on and glow like a diva at your beach vacay.

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