Choices #WoWe Week 4


The country had a new leader at last.

Decades after  being ruled by a dynasty, who had been  inheriting the throne on the basis of their bloodline.

The new leader was chosen by the people, and they celebrated their choice with aplomb. They spoke of the things he had done, and prophesied the changes he would bring.

That he had walked ahead leaving behind footprints soaked in a trail of blood of innocents was overlooked, as was the fact that Religion was the fuel that ran the party he belonged to.

The very same people derided the choice of a leader of the most powerful nation in the world.


‘He shouldn’t be voted into power!’, they echoed.

Even as they continued celebrating the one they chose to rule them, who had many of the same qualities as the one they spoke against.

What does this say about the choices we make? Of us?

Do we choose people who reflect our desires? Do we disguise our inner devil to put up a holier-than-though attitude? Does our inner core ever change?

Or, is it true when they say, ‘Even if a Wolf dons Sheep’s clothing, it still remains a Wolf’.

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  1. Lovely take on the prompt, as they say fiction is 90% facts just the names and characters are changed. This also looks so much real, and I can relate the plot.

  2. Well point plot, M. People elect leaders assuming them to serve the nation and civil society but the story behind faces is ignored.

  3. Aah. The always story. Wonder if we could, would ever be able to differentiate between the real wolf and the sheep. 🙁 But then doesn’t the wolf which adorns the sheep’s attire looks more appealing. Quite liked your take, Mayuri. 🙂

  4. In this current political state we are in , this prompt is totally apt. Eventhough we identify the wolf, we don’t and do anything .

  5. Oops…is there any deadline for linking up? I was not able to link up my story for Week4. Sharing the link anyway here…
    Will no hop on to #WoWe readathon

  6. Mayuri Nidigallu Anagha Yatin

    Thats a bold and pragmatic take on the prompt, Mayuri. Believe that ‘time’ one day will reveal the secret or may be the people power will pull down the facade to reveal the truth.

  7. I guess sometimes it comes down to accepting the lesser evil and we tend to give a benefit of doubt to the not-tested one? Things will unfold with time, till then we live with our choices.

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