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A luxury Goan holiday in monsoon

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Experience the Magic of Goa in the Rains

Goa is a place that evokes images of endless stretches of lovely beaches, palm trees swaying in the evening breeze, a vibrant and happening night life, and of course pulsating Goan music. However, come monsoon and Goa dons a different cloak altogether. The romance of Goa seems to come to life in jubilant glee as the terrain gets drenched in rain.

Goa in the rains is an experience that transcends the ethereal and is something that one would not forget soon. The rains are a great opportunity to experience the magic of Goa in its beaches and beyond.

A Monsoon getaway for a few days combined with the indulgence of one of the numerous 5 star hotels in Goa is going to be a relaxing experience.

When in Goa during the monsoon magic, here are 3 top things to experience.

Take an early morning walk on one of South Goa’s quieter beaches

The waves rise and crash on the sands. You walk on the momentarily virginal sands, leaving your footsteps, as another wave gently erases them. A cool spray of water drenches you as the rain bears down. As you look around at the beautiful vistas around, the realization of the beauty of the moment is designed to leave you awed.

Take a Trip to the famous Dudhsagar Falls

The spectacular water falls of Dudhsagar are a visual treat and assume a divine avatar during the rains. The sight of tons of white water cascading down the hill is indeed a sight to behold. The surroundings seem to erupt in joy and dance to the melody of nature. A trek or a drive to Dudhsagar falls is definitely a monsoon experience waiting to enthrall you in Goa. The thrill that will course through your being as you sight a train snaking its way across a bridge against the background of the cascading Dudhsagar falls is an experience beyond words.

Get Close to Nature at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Nothing beats the experience of trekking in the forests during the rains. The forests are at their gleaming best. Animals and birds are contented and reveling in the sheer joy of nature. Goa beyond its beaches has so much to offer and one must not to miss is a visit to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home to the Bengal Tiger and many other wild animals including Sloth Bears, Panthers, and Leopards among others. The Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to more than 255 species of birds. The elements of adventure are bound to thrill as you spend time in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Visit a Spice Plantation

Goa is dotted with spice plantations and these have transformed into interesting destinations for travelers. Most of them offer a tour of the plantation along with lunch from farm fresh produce. A spice plantation visit is not only educational, but also a great way to enjoy the natural environment and the glowing beauty of the vegetation after being rain washed. The plantations grow Coffee, Cardamom, Cashew and many other spices. The process of preparing the famed Kaju Feni is also demonstrated in many of the Plantations.

The pitter-patter of the rain, the roar of the wind over the sea, the shining green of freshly sprouted vegetation are all beckoning visitors to Goa to experience its magic as the heavens shower their bounty over the place. One may have visited Goa many times but heading back to the place as the dark clouds gather and the sound of thunder is heard in the distance is something that cannot be easily resisted.

Goa in the rains needs to be experienced to be believed.


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