The Postman Comes Calling on ZEE5

A few days ago I wrote about how ZEE5 is keeping me company, as I stay indoors to beat the heat this summer. In that post, I had shared the names of a few of my favourite ZEE5 Tamil Original Series. Guess what, I found yet another one! This one is called Postman.

Remember the good old days when we used to eagerly await a visit by the Postman? Or should I say, remember the good old days when we had a Postman?  The man in a Khaki Uniform, with a maroon canvas bag, bulging with letters, swinging from his shoulder.

Oh how we used to wait for his arrival! For he would be the one who would carry messages from our loved ones to us, and ours back to them. In an era when there was no email, talking on the phone was a luxury, nothing was instant, those letters were the only mode of communication. 

When I saw the trailer for the latest web series by ZEE5, nostalgia hit hard. Postman took me back in time, to the good, old days when life was simple and so were we.

How would they showcase that scenario in today’s advanced, electronic age, was the question on my mind though. For wasn’t a Postman a rarity now? I am not sure how many people of the current generation have even seen one.

The Postman Comes Calling -Infidigit-ZEE5-Sirimiri

Full of curiosity, I went ahead and started watching the 1st episode of this 10 part ZEE5 Original Web Series, Postman.

A Postman recovers from a coma, 23 long years later, to discover 9 undelivered letters still with him. Honest and true to his profession he makes up his mind to deliver the 9 letters to their recipients, better late than never. His grown up daughter agrees to accompany him as he goes about his task.

The title role of the Postman is played by actor Munishkanth. As I said in my earlier post too, I did not know of, nor had I heard of so many of the actors before I started watching  ZEE5 Tamil, and I am so glad I was introduced to them thanks to these Web Series.

Actor Munishkanth breathes life into the character of the Postman. As an ardent Rajnikanth fan, his antics make you smile. His steely determination to deliver the letters all those ‘waiting recipients’ makes you admire his dedication to his work. 

Delivering the nine letters unfolds nine different stories, adding variety along with a range of emotions along the way. With just 10 episodes I was curious to know ‘what happens next’ at the end of each episode that ended, and I confess to having binge watched the entire series in one go.

The parallel story is of the recipients and how lives change after receiving  their respective letters, 23 years too late. 

Natural performances by Munishkanth and actress Keerthi Pandian, and ably supported by the supporting cast make the Postman a smooth and enjoyable watch.

With six episodes released and four more to go, this is a series that will entertain you with it’s refreshing script and fabulous performances. Hope you’ll watch it too.

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