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3 Ingredient Hair Mayonnaise: To Deep Condition & Nourish your Hair

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Most of us have heard of Mayonnaise. However, Mayonnaise for Hair?

The consistency of and the ingredients used in this ‘Hair Mask’ are so similar to that of Mayonnaise that I thought why not call it just that. Click To Tweet

While the Miracle Oil is taking care of the growth of my hair, I once again asked my friend Ensiya if she had any DIY Recipe to nourish and deep condition hair. Out she came with this one.

Since I swear by her previous recipes of the Miracle Hair Oil and Face Pack, I immediately tried this one too. It really worked for me, which is why here I am, sharing it with you.

The Ingredients


1 Egg (use Yolk and White, both)

3 Vitamin E Capsules (I used Evion 400)

4-5 Tbsps Pure Coconut Oil (I used Organic, Cold-pressed Coconut Oil)

These ingredients should give you enough Mayonnaise for below the shoulder length, very thick hair. It is best if you made it and used it all immediately If refrigerating it, I would suggest don’t go beyond 24 hours. If your hair is really long, you could just double the quantity of the ingredients.

 A hand blender works best to make this Hair Mayonnaise. However, since most people have a regular Blender/Mixie at home, I used that to whip this up.


Break egg in the Mixie and add the Oil from the Vitamin E Capsules to it.

Give it a good whirl.

Add about a Tbsp of the Coconut Oil to the above mixture and blend it well.

Post this step you need to add oil a little by little and keep blending it on high speed.

From an initial watery consistency, the mixture should start thickening gradually.

As you keep adding more oil, the volume and the thickness should both increase.

The gradual thickening of the Mayonnaise

After you’ve added all the Oil, the mixture should be as thick as a custard.

When it reaches that consistency give it a few more whirls at high speed.

The final consistency of the Hair Mayonnaise should be thick, coat the back of a spoon and not drip from it. Like Mayonnaise.

The final consistency


Oil hair overnight, or at least an hour prior to applying this Hair Mayonnaise.  (I apply Coconut Oil)

Coat hair from root to tip with the Hair Mayonnaise.

Pin your hair up and keep it on for at least 1 Hour to 1.5 Hours. 

You could cover your hair with a Shower Cap, is available.

Shampoo it off, using your regular shampoo and warm water.

You don’t need to condition your hair after your shampoo off this Mayo.

3 Ingredient Hair Mayonnaise- Deep-Condition- Nourish- Hair-Sirimiri

Frequency of Application:

I have an Oily Scalp and Dry Hair, so applying this once in 15 days is working well for me.

I would suggest you apply it and see how it works for you, before deciding how often you should apply it.


I have used this Hair Mayonnaise twice before I shared it here, and these are the results I saw.

Deep Conditions hair

Hair feels and looks nourished.

Imparts a glossy sheen.

Hair fall, when I shampooed my hair post this, is considerably lesser.

Hair has become soft, smooth and manageable.

It doesn’t tangle as much as before.

Read this well before you ping me 🙂

No, this Hair Mayonnaise does NOT stink/smell at all.

Once it is done you wouldn’t guess that Egg is one of the ingredients.

You can use ANY shampoo you like.

I stick to these 3 ingredients and really wouldn’t know the substitutes or additions to these, as I haven’t tried them.

Oiling hair is a must before you apply the Mayonnaise.

Men and Women, both could use this.

This DIY Conditioner is sure to save you a lot of money, as it is the perfect substitute for those expensive deep conditioning, chemical, treatments available in Salons. Click To Tweet

Disclaimer: All views and methods expressed here are my own. Please follow them at your own discretion. I shall not be held responsible for the results they may show on you, whatever they may be.

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