Of Holi, Bhaang, Mithai’s & Chaat #HoliHoppers

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I grew up on a steady dose of films. Bollywood films of yore had a set pattern. A ‘fight sequence’, ‘a dream sequence’ a song imploring God, a romantic song and if not always then mostly, a Holi song.

The iconic ‘Rang Barse’ is still a must play song on Holi. In fact I was so impressed by that song, and a high on Bhaang Amitabh Bachchan showing so much ‘daring’ that I wanted to sip on the drink that could make a human fearless!

Of Holi, Bhaang, Mithai’s & Chaat

With Holi around the corner and the compelling curiosity to find out led me to adventurously glug down two enormous glasses of ‘Bhaang’ (hiding behind a tree, if details interest you).
While I waited for the Indian version of Dope to intoxicate me, I smiled to myself at pleasurable very-soon-to-be-inebriated-visions of myself;

  1. a) Dancing wildly for the next couple of hours
  2. b) Laughing uproariously for the next few days
  3. c) Sleeping off the whole of the following week
  4. d) Pointing out at Bhaang-induced multiple images of people and laughing some more
  5. e) All of the above and in no particular order.

I imagined proudly regaling all and sundry later, with all of the above anecdotes at every given, or forcefully taken, opportunity.

After a good one hour, I was still ‘all there’ in the head. Only smiling pleasantly and not laughing uproariously. I could still see people in singular form, without the much anticipated double vision, and I grew suspicious.

Only to find out that all I had done was upped my calcium intake. The supposedly-spiked Bhaang was just flavoured milk. The real Bhaang was hidden away and accessible only to people of the inner clique.

When Bhaang disappoints, Mithai’s come to the rescue, for what is Holi without sweets? Homemade Mithais like the decadent Mohanthal which is Mom’s trademark. The simply delicious Sattu ke Laddoo which were a must! I looked forward all year to syrupy Mawa Gujiyas.


Chaat is always on the menu too. Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Paani Puri, the Indian versions of finger food, just the right thing to feast on, when your hands are all colors of the rainbow and you have to keep refuelling yourself to play another round of Holi.


I have played Phoolon ki Holi too, with fragrant flower petals, but it wasn’t half as much fun as the real deal.

The joy of Holi is being covered in color, drenched by well aimed Balloons and Pichkari’s and bantering away as you add, ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’ at the end of it.

This post is a part of the #HoliHoppers blog hop hosted by Mandavi , Dipika , Ruchie , Aesha and sponsored by VLCC Beauty Products & Phutawan Thailand” 

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  1. Ha ha, it was a funny tale that you narrated, Mayuri! You experienced all the symptoms of bhaang without ever having it, isn’t it the best kind! Well, I had once accidentally drunk bhaangwali thandai on Holi and remember laughing without no reason and then sleeping till the next morning. I was furious at my mom for mixing the thandai with my board exams so near. Some memories! Chaats are always welcome, whatever maybe the occasion.

  2. Love the title so much, reminds me of an old show Lock, Stock and two smoking tikkis 😉
    You got me nostalgic M, Holi was such a fun roit then. Probably we have grown up a little or the trend is really changing, I don’t see festivals have the same sheen now.
    Thanks for linking with #HoliHoppers

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    Haha. .that’s a hilarious incident. I never had bhang wali thandai. Would love to try it once. Sweets chaats, colours and fun, that’s what is Holi all about.

  4. I do think similarly that if I drink bhaang I will be dancing away to glory so never got the courage to try. I love Holi but haven’t celebrated it with great enthu since ages except for this year. To look rainbow coloured drenched in water are some of my favourite memories.

  5. Belated festival wishes

  6. Hahaha Mayuri, u experienced bhaang in all possible way but missed sipping on it actually how is Holi complete without mithaais n chaats…❤ In d end how much ever u indulge in mithaais u sure ve to go exercise like crazy the next day..

  7. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    Hahaha I’m picturing you hiding behind a tree, waiting for the ‘high’ to kick in! Great post Mayuri, you really brought out the sentiments this festival awakens.

  8. This is such a hilarious incident. I never had the bhaang wali Thandai but have heard tales of people weeping and laughing after having it.
    Thanks for participating #HoliHoppers Blog Hop and sharing the Holi anecdotes. You made me nostalgic when we played Holi carefree.

  9. Personally we love the gujiyas :))

  10. Available only to the inner clique, the bhaang. So very mean of them, isn’t it? 😉
    This was a fun read, M. Holi, like our other festivals, is associated with good food and a colourful celebration with family and friends. I love playing colours too. Nothing like it!

  11. The title says it all. Beautiful post. And that bhaang episode was great.

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Farha Shaikh

    Such an interesting post ! I’ve never had bhaang wali thandai , but am so tempted to try that once

  13. Hey Maruri, you write like a pro. At every line, I was eager to know what you’d write next. Been there done that with Bhaang, but what you’ve written here made me go totally awww. Thanks for linking with #HoliHoppers

  14. That’s truly an amazing post which reminds me of my memories which is related to bhaang

  15. Lovely holi hooper, I have seen the bhang effect its hilarious too. And congratulations for winning the contest.

  16. This blog reminds me all flashbacks of my last holi.

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