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My first glimpse of Chennai was as a 4 day old, mint new Bride. We drove into the city after a trip to Tirupati, and my first thought when I saw the Chennai skyline was, ‘where are the high rises?’

For someone born and brought up in Mumbai I was so used to the concrete jungle of high rises that the lack of them seemed obvious.

As we drove further into the city I soaked in the sights. Fresh flowers neatly arranged to be sold outside temples. Temples that not only had figurines densely packed on their facade, but were painted in my favourite hues, vibrant ones. I saw people dressed traditionally, women wearing neatly pleated sarees and fresh flowers in their hair and men in crisp, white Veshti and Shirt.

Chennai is my city-in-law, I told myself, and wondered how our relationship would turn out to be. Click To Tweet

Chennai and I have known each other for over 8 years now, and we are still aquaintances. I wondered why, till I realised that neither of us have made an effort to make the first friendly move.

I see Mumbai as this absent minded professor, who puts his arm around your shoulder and welcomes you warmly, before he forgets all about you. He magically resurfaces whenever you need him though!

Chennai, on the other hand, is like the Matriarch of a house. Observing, judging and gauging you. You need to prove yourself, before she decides whether you will be accepted into the fold , or not.

So when I was wracking my brain to come up with a suitable topic for the A to Z Challenge this year, The Husband suggested that I write about Chennai. I surprised myself my agreeing to it immediately. I thought I would see the city through new eyes, and doing so would be the beginning of a new relationship.

This April through the AtoZChallenge, see Chennai through the eyes of an outsider, me. What caught my fancy, what I love and maybe what I don’t, in alphabetical order, no less. For you may know your city like the back of your hand, but an outsider may always see something you missed.

I am going to try my best to present Singara (beautiful) Chennai  as I see it, with inputs and a little help from The Husband and lots of friends. Any mistakes I  may make, will be my own though.  

Maybe at the end of this Challenge, Chennai and I may turn out to become good friends?


My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye


The picture above is a glimpse of the scenic Napier Bridge, built over the Coovum River.

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