3 Reasons Chitra Vichitram gets College Life Right

Last week I reached the airport to find out that my flight was delayed. as I was wondering which book in my Kindle should I start to pass the time, I hear someone call out my name.

I turned to find a face that seemed familiar from a long time ago, and before the moment of recognition happened, I was being crushed in a hug that hadn’t changed, nor had the perfume she used to wear.

It was my college friend! As Shirisha and I talked over each other, we realised that not only did we now live in the same city but were also flying to the same destination.

Confirming that our delayed flight ensured that we had ample time, we settled down with cups of coffee to catch up on the years we had missed out on.

Shirisha shared how much she missed our college days, more so after she recently found herself glued to Chitra Vichitram, Telugu web series that is airing on ZEE5.

The story revolves around two young men, Abhi and Siddu, who have been the best of friends for several years. When Siddu expresses his desire to make an independent movie, Abhi decides to join hands. Together, they approach a producer who suggests Ramya for the female lead.

What follows is a series of hilarious incidents where both the men try to impress Ramya, eventually losing their focus on filmmaking!

Both the friends start fighting for petty things, leading to a mess that’s going to make you laugh throughout!

3 Reasons-Chitra-Vichitram-College-Sirimiri

Shirisha and I watched a few episodes together and we started speculating what would happen next? Will both the friends successfully complete the movie? What happens to Ramya? I intend to keep watching to find out in Chitra Vichitram.

Watching Chitra Vichitram took Shirisha and me back to talking about our college days and we realised how perfectly it depicted the fun, our bond and our endless discussions about the future.

College is where we grew up: As much fun as school was, we were still kids when we passed out of it. No more uniform and no fixed hours and classes meant we did not need to conform to many things anymore. College gave us a grown up feeling, and freedom, as well as made us realise the responsibility that came with it.

College is where we formed friendships and our personalities: I met Shirisha in college. The fact that we were, and still are, poles apart made us thick friends We realised we could embrace differences and it would enhance our friendship. For instance, I have loved reading since college, while the television was Shirisha’s medium of choice, and still is. No wonder she loves ZEE5.

College gave us wings: College made us aware that we would need to decide what our steps for the future would be. We needed a dream, a plan of action to realise it and help from friends and teachers. College was our first step into the adult world

So, it was lovely getting back in touch with my college friend, thanks to whom my memories of college were refreshing and I got to know about Chitra Vichitram that I plan to enjoy for the next couple of days.

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