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Are you dating the world yet? #TheBlindList

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We come into this world with our eyes closed. Our life from then on is a blind date with the world. Different people and varied experiences at various stages of life mould us into the people we become.

The beauty of life is that every experience helps us evolve. If we wish to, that is. 

Travel is my passion and also my blind date with the world. I look forward to the thrill of experiencing a new place, each time I tick off places listed on my bucket list. For no matter how much research you may do, and how many people share their experience of a place with you, when you visit it for the first time, it is a blind date with that place. It is you who discovers something new for the first time, with new eyes.

dating-world-travel-sirimiriI experienced my first snowfall in Beijing, where I was welcomed with a white carpet of it. I admit to looking up at the sky in awe, as perfectly formed snowflakes fell softly around me. I caught them on my tongue, made snow angels and squealed with joy as my feet sunk into the thick carpet snow made on the ground. 

This experience made me thankful, for the wonders of nature and that I could experience something I had looked forward to doing so.

Traveling the world makes you realize how small you are, in the bigger scheme of things. Despite which all of us have a responsibility. Look at the world as your own home and you will want to respect and nurture it. 

Just like the Bhutanese do.  Bhutan is the only country in the world which calculates the Gross National Happiness of its people. The citizens of this country value their Happiness above everything else.

Little wonder then, that they are joyous, proud of their heritage and believe in giving back to their country and community. A true lesson in acceptance and gratitude.

Mind blocks and preconceived notions keep us from moving ahead and living life fully. Mine were busted thanks to travel, once again.

When planning another trip, we added Istanbul to our itinerary as doing so would make the nitty-gritty of the rest of our trip easier. We had little information or knowledge about the place, which made us form a mindset, and we weren’t too excited to visit it.

Landing into the country made us realize how wrong we were!

Istanbul had so much to offer, well dressed and striking people who looked like they had walked off a magazine cover. Amazing architecture and the famous Blue Mosque, the mighty Bosporus. We took it all in as we feasted on fist sized juicy strawberries, warm pretzels and chestnuts. 

Born and bred in Bombay I left the city 6 years ago, with a fearful heart at what awaits me outside of my comfort zone. Having lived in 2 different cities since then, I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to move out. For embracing change, and both cities has made me richer in experience and honed me into a better person. 

What is next on my Blind List? A visit to the oldest city of India, Varanasi. Bowing down in front of Kamakhya Devi in Guwahati. Getting drenched in Cherrapunji. To experience the blinding whiteness of the Rann of Kutch. The list is long, and I have a lifetime to complete it.

Whenever you get an opportunity to do so, I urge you to write down and refresh your blind list and go on a date with the world, which will serve as a self exploration date with yourself.  Discover yourself as you discover the world. The best date ever.

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