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Somewhere in the middle of the #AtoZChallenge I remember asking Shilpa Garg if she was planning to turn her posts into an Ebook. I must admit I was crushed when her reply wasn’t in the affirmative.

As I read through her posts every day I was further convinced that these informative posts need to come together to form a book and I kept hoping Shilpa would change her mind. When I saw Notes from the Road listed on the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival I let out a whoop of delight.

Book -Review-Notes-Road-Garg

Travel is the theme of this book, and Shilpa writes about the A to Z of it. From traveling solo to traveling with kids. From Health Benefits of Nature Travel to Why Travel Makes You Awesome. The chapters ‘9 Annoying Things About Hotels’ and ‘Travel Problems’ would find all travellers nodding their heads in agreement with.

Shilpa’s writing is fresh and engaging. Her words come from experience, which is why this book connects with the reader. The clarity of her writing ropes you in and keeps you engrossed through the 26 chapters.

Whether you are a newbie traveller or a seasoned one, this book is a treasure trove of information for both.

My most favourite chapters were;

10 Tips for Zero-waste travel

15 Unusual Travel Words With Beautiful Meanings

Travel Technology : 9 Apps that Enrich Your Travel Experience

How to Plan Your First Solo Trip

5 Reasons to Travel During Off-Season

How to Travel with Friends and Still Be Friends After That

The entire book was an enriching read, but these particular chapters had a lot of takeaways for me.

Notes from the Road by Shilpa Garg is a book that should travel with you whenever you do. Click To Tweet Download your free copy here

About the Author:Shilpa Garg fancies herself as an observer of life and writes about things as they are and not as they should be. Enjoy more of her wonderful writing on her blog  A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Book Blurb: Traveling has humbled Shilpa and made her realise that she is more capable than she believed in. In ‘Notes from the Road’, Shilpa shares her thought, views, experiences, tips and stories which are inspired by her years on the road.

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