How Blogchatter could make you an Author

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Writing is a lonely exercise. It is just you, your thoughts, your words and your laptop or pen and paper. You are the author, the editor and the reader too.

This pattern works for some all of the time, and for all some of the time.

There comes a time when inspiration dries up and all ideas seem stale. You wish to grow, you want to learn more and you need a second opinion, a sounding board.

There comes a point when you want to reach out to and connect with fellow bloggers and writers. People who understand you and help you understand.

Every writer reaches this point in their writing / blogging journey and a Blogging Communities is what is needed then.

Blogchatter is one such Online Community, of and for Bloggers.


Blogchatter should be credited for starting India’s first weekly chat on Twitter. Every Wednedsay at 8:30 pm IST. The topics are interesting and educative and the knowledge shared by Bloggers participating in the chat immense. Bloggers from all over the world, writing all genres, converge on Twitter for these chats.

Apart from the chats, Blogchatter also has a feature called Spotlight, where they highlight submitted Blogposts. They also host Writing Festivals where well known Authors share tips and advice. Photo and Word Prompts are also shared to give you inspiration to write and run contests with exciting prizes. Innovation is an ongoing process where Blogchatter is concerned, so you never know what surprise they would come up with next.

So how could Blogchatter make you an Author?


April of each year sees Bloggers from all over the world participating in a month long writing challenge called the A to Z Challenge where participants blog through the month alphabetically. Since 2017, Blogchatter joined hands with A to Z  Challenge to co-host it. 

If you wish to be part of this Challenge, you register for the AtoZ Challenge with Blogchatter, link up your daily posts with them and read and share the posts of the other bloggers participating. On successfully completing this challenge you should have 26 posts ready.

If you think your posts could be compiled to form a book, register with Blogchatter to get your EBook published post the challenge. Compile your posts, format them, design a cover for your book, pen a short Author Bio and your Book Blurb and send it all to Blogchatter, and they take over from there.

The only condition they have is, you need to read and review 3 EBooks from the list of mint new Authors being published by Blogchatter.

Post which Blogchatter publishes your book and guides you to become a Goodreads author too. Ask as many questions as you wish, they always answer back promptly.

Could it get better than that, you aspiring Author you!

Blogchatter holds rights over your book initially, allowing you 200 copies that your readers could download for free. They provide you more copies, if your 200 are snapped up.

After which you own your book completely. You could price your book and sell it on Amazon, in Kindle format. I know some people who have got their books published traditionally too, in Paperback.

Voila, you are a published Author! Just like I am, all thanks to Blogchatter.

So when are you registering with Blogchatter?

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  1. Mayuri Nidigallu Richa Singh

    Thank you Mayuri for this and for all those times you have been with us – helping us be better versions of ourselves each day. *hugs*

    1. You are always welcome, Richa. Good things should be shared, thus this post:)

  2. Blogchatter helped me and my blog a lot especially in the starting when aia was clueless about the whole thing. Thankful to them for making me and many others E book authors. Sharing it with other new bloggers who need their help.

    1. Same here, Deepa. We also met through them:)

  3. This is wonderful Mayuri, having a book under your name always fills one with pride. I so much wanted to have AtoZ posts converted into an e-book but travel plans spoilt the fun.
    Hope to get the book soon, will bug you with loads of questions πŸ˜‰

    1. You could get your book done even now, Dipika. You have such great posts, I would goad you get it done.

  4. COngratulations Mayuri, Its a lovely initiative by Blog chatter enouraging blogges to take their writing to the next level. Happy that you are now a publushed author πŸ™‚

  5. Eversince I came to know about the atoz challenge and the blogchatter ebook carnival, I felt so much gratitude towards blogchatter for such support and initiative. It’s just because of them that the likes of me can today call themselves as published authors

    1. All of us should always remember Blogchatter for this, and for making us all meet:) Thanks for reading, Anupriya:)

  6. I am extremely grateful to blogchatter too M and I am glad I came across them. Glad you did this post to acquaint your readers of how to become an author if they have an inclination for the same.

    1. Thank you, Roma. We both met through Blogchatter:)

  7. inspirational story telling thanks for sharing

  8. Congratulations, to you and all the bloggers who got their ebooks published. Blogchatter has been very helpful and encouraging for bloggers to write well, and more.

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