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WOW-Blogadda-SirimiriWOW-BlogAdda-SirimiriWe’ve known each other for a few years now. I admit the first few months were difficult, as it surely wasn’t love at first sight for me. I didn’t like him at all, and if I am honest enough to admit, I hated him. I couldn’t help but keep comparing him to my past love, and in my eyes he just couldn’t match up.

Time went by and we had no choice but to be together. Slowly and surely he grew on me and I began getting comfortable in his company. Before I realised it, we were inseparable. Or should I say, I couldn’t do without him.


He had never judged me for my intolerance and it seemed like he had forgotten the bitter words I had spewed about him. He had my back from the start irrespective of my, obnoxious, behaviour towards him.

As we drew closer I would wait to meet him. I felt guilty when I met him more than once, but sometimes I couldn’t stop myself. There were times when we just sat together in peaceful silence, and other times, my favourite times when I snuggled up to him. As we lay there savouring the peace I could feel the stress of the day slowly seeping out of me.

We’ve known each other for a few years now. I admit the combination of his support and strength have given life new meaning and I no longer think of or compare him to my past love. He is the only one for me.

Post Prompt:

Look around your house. Like something? Dislike it. Maybe, it has an emotion or value attached. If you have to share with someone about it, how will you describe it. The BlogAdda WOW prompt for this weekend is, ‘Describe an object in your house without mentioning it by name’. Sounds interesting? 

We look forward to reading how you write about it and if we can guess it well. Ensure you don’t mention it by name.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  The object I wrote about above, is a Mattress

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