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Our eyes connect us to the world. They help us see our loved ones and savour everything around us.

As a blogger and a writer I tend to spend a lot of time online, on my mobile and through my laptop.It was late last year when I found out that the reason for my constant headaches was that I needed to wear reading glasses. I got a pair made immediately. 

As I began wearing my brand new glasses I realised that they made my headache disappear, but as I wore them through the day I also realised that I had made a wrong choice. My new spectacles were heavy and made my temples ache and hurt the bridge of my nose. They were comfortable if worn for a short while but tedious to wear through the day.

I realised I had purchased a frame that was stylish, giving little thought to comfort. This happened because there was no one to guide me at my opticians, to help me choose the right frame.


Then I saw an advert for Titan Eye Plus Eyeglasses and was curious. Tata has been a household name since I was growing up. It has always spelt quality for me, be it their Tea or their Cars.

But eye wear? Would they deliver all that they claimed they would?

I wanted to find out for myself. I logged on to their website, used the Store Locator to find the store nearest me and set out. What a pleasant surprise the spacious and well-lit store was. Helpful staff came forward to assist me. An eye test was done, to check my power, as the last time I had checked it was more than 6 months ago.


My requirements were noted and spectacle frames were shown to me accordingly. I was surprised at how light-weight the frames were. The variety had me confused about making a decision. If both these were not enough, the pricing left me open mouthed. The sleek and stylish frames were so well priced! Just like the advertisement claimed. Titan walked the talk here too!

Result, I got myself 2 frames! One for everyday use and another for special occasions.


We must take care of our eyes, and Titan Eye helps us do that. They have a wide range of eye glasses and sunglasses for Men and Women of all age groups and to suit every budget. The Titan Eye Plus Eyeglasses and Sunglasses collection for Kids is worth checking out as well.

I plan to check out their range of Sunglasses next.

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  1. Lucky you..

    Few years back, I visited theTitan eye store, went through the entire jazz of choosing frame, measurement etc and ended up with a pair that was tight and hurt.. went back but they said nothing can be done .. sigh..

    1. No opticians take back a chosen and customised frame, Aarti. This post is based on my experience at the Titan Eyewear store in Mumbai, and I was very happy with their service.

  2. I have two self declared brand ambassadors of Titan Eye Plus…one my better half and other my son. Do I need to say more? The name itself is a guarantee!

  3. We got my daughter’s first pair of spectacles from Titan eye plus and till now we get her frames from there only. It is recommended for any one looking for new frames or lenses.

  4. For my elder one’s frame we go to titan only. Friendly staff n a range of choices make it our “to-go-shop.”

  5. I agree Tata’s are a household name we grew up trusting in almost everything like Tata Salt and later I even worked in Tata Motors. I am looking to change my eye wear and am based on your recommendation I am sure checking out Titan Eye Plus.

  6. Titan Eyeplus is one stop destination for world-class spectacles and frames. I am always in awe of the styles and how they have something or the other for every pocket.

  7. interesting brand promotion

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