Fiction: Tall, Dark & Rich

He sits there, cool and collected and looking down at me haughtily. Each time I come face to face with him I am reduced to mush. I remember the wonderful times we spent with each other and the high his company gave me.

Spotting him once again I bite my lips and avert my eyes, lest he see the desire in them.

I am a nervous wreck each time I come face to face with him, a gawking, bumbling fool. I fear coming across him, as much as I look forward to, for I lose control over my actions when I do.

It’s been a while. Days have passed. Nerve wracking seconds, hours, days and I still hate the way the thought of him makes me feel.

I shouldn’t feel the way I do, I tell myself.

I am strong, I love myself and I can stand up for myself. And I will. I convince myself with this everyday till I finally gather the courage to face him without flinching.

The next day I open the fridge and take the giant bar of chocolate from under the packets I had pushed it behind and place it right in front where I could meet its eye each time I open the refrigerator door.

It has been tormenting me so, but no more. I show him who is the boss and I look it in the eye and face it, as I reach out for some corn, cocking a snook at it before I shut the refrigerator door.

I am on a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge and no one can stop me from acing it.


I started a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge a fortnight ago. Today is my 15th Day on it. I didn’t think I could have done it, knowing my addiction to all things sweet, but I persisted , gritting my teeth in the face of temptation and finding humour to cope with tough times. This piece of fiction is just one attempt at humour as I resisted a giant bar of chocolate i had bought myself just before the challenge.

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