Fiction: Tall, Dark & Rich

He sits there, cool and collected and looking down at me haughtily. Each time I come face to face with him I am reduced to mush. I remember the wonderful times we spent with each other and the high his company gave me.

Spotting him once again I bite my lips and avert my eyes, lest he see the desire in them.

I am a nervous wreck each time I come face to face with him, a gawking, bumbling fool. I fear coming across him, as much as I look forward to, for I lose control over my actions when I do.

It’s been a while. Days have passed. Nerve wracking seconds, hours, days and I still hate the way the thought of him makes me feel.

I shouldn’t feel the way I do, I tell myself.

I am strong, I love myself and I can stand up for myself. And I will. I convince myself with this everyday till I finally gather the courage to face him without flinching.

The next day I open the fridge and take the giant bar of chocolate from under the packets I had pushed it behind and place it right in front where I could meet its eye each time I open the refrigerator door.

It has been tormenting me so, but no more. I show him who is the boss and I look it in the eye and face it, as I reach out for some corn, cocking a snook at it before I shut the refrigerator door.

I am on a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge and no one can stop me from acing it.


I started a 21 Day No Sugar Challenge a fortnight ago. Today is my 15th Day on it. I didn’t think I could have done it, knowing my addiction to all things sweet, but I persisted , gritting my teeth in the face of temptation and finding humour to cope with tough times. This piece of fiction is just one attempt at humour as I resisted a giant bar of chocolate i had bought myself just before the challenge.

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  1. Lady killer…good you showed him his place Mayuri! Hahaha…what a light refreshing humorous read!

    Congratulations Mayuri for taking up the challenge and standing up to yourself. I’m sure you will emerge lighter with this challenge. Thumbs up!

  2. Way to go, M! May I say I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this rough patch you lovers have hit? 😉

  3. Don’t give in ! Resist! You can do it. I tried but gave up within a day. Just missed my hot, cup of sweet coffee in this wet weather. BTW I can’t access your #FFF prompt. Are you still hosting it?

  4. hehe You know when I started reading it, I understood it was sugar. I guess reading your daily updates helped along. Kudos by the way! I can imagine how tough it must be taking up this challenge, and I am rooting for you to complete it with a flourish.

  5. I knew what the post was about since I follow you on Insta 😀

    You’ll ace this challenge I’m sure, I’m rooting for you! I’m not a fan of sweets but once in a while as and when it is available I do eat a tiny amount. I’m looking forward to let that go too.

  6. Ha! I need to resist this tall dark and handsome guy too! Well done on the challenge, Mayuri.

  7. You are doing fabulously with the no sugar challenge, kudos!
    I’m inspired to give it a go, but keep failing miserably.
    This one was wicked!

  8. Oh God MAyuri, I cant resist this handsome guy too. So I never ever keep him away. Hates off to you, a no sugar challenge must be a toughie….

  9. Oh gosh! You do have a strong willpower, Mayuri! I would never have taken such a challenge where I have to stay away from my rich, dark, handsome chocolate bar! 😛

  10. Hahaha…. Dark, handsome chocolate bar.
    You have taken this challenge and inspired some like me 😉 keeping off sweet is at times very tricky. Especially when you see drool worthy food stuff. But you are ding great Mayuri, keep going.

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