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So, you are a Blogger? #MyFriendAlexa

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If you are reading this the chances that you are a blogger are high. If you are reading this and aren’t a blogger, then the chances that you know a blogger (me) are pretty high too.

In case you are neither and are still reading this, thank you. You have questions, you say? Fire away!

Who or what is a Blogger, you ask?

A Blogger is someone who owns and maintains a Web Log, more popularly known as a ‘Blog’. A Blog is where bloggers share their thoughts, emotions, sometimes opinions and more. Every blogger has their own niche and write accordingly. Blogging is like writing a diary, except this digital diary is open for all the world to read, comment on and share the posts of.

So you write what you feel and publish it too? Who reads it all, is possibly your next question?
Well, you for one, dear reader, and fellow bloggers. Yes, we bloggers are a large band of people and growing every day.

Oh wow, this is so easy. You write, publish and people read! It’s fun being a Blogger! A great way to kill time too!

Killing time by blogging? You’ve got to be kidding me! There is a lot that goes on in between thinking of a topic for a post and having it go live on the blog? A blogger is a one-person show and has to don various hats to manage a blog.


So, what is a Blogger?

A Blogger is a;

Researcher: A blogger needs to be regular, for which a minimum of 2 blogposts a week are a must. A blogger needs to think of topics that stand out, or how to write differently on the same topic everyone is writing on. We also need research, to present the right information.

Writer: Post the research a blogpost needs to be written. If you want to stand head and shoulders above a sea of bloggers you need to create your unique writing style. Writing that is easy to read and follow and still differentiates you from other bloggers.

Proofreader: The next step after writing is proof reading it. If as a Writer a blogger needs to be creative, as a proofreader we need to be critical. A blogger needs to go through their own writing with a fine tooth comb, for mistakes, grammatical errors, typos et al.

Editor: Editing is like fine tuning a piece. Never ending posts, huge paragraphs without proper spacing, and poor punctuation are what work against a post and will not make a reader return to the blog, voluntarily at least. A post may have a great topic and matter but if it is not formatted right it would not get the views and due it deserves.

Photographer: Pictures enhance a post and give it relief. As Bloggers we either use original pictures or use CCO (Creative Commons Zero Licence) friendly stock photos taken from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash. Original pictures need to be enhanced, sized and watermarked before use while the ones used from various free sites need to be given due credits.

Designer: Sometimes photographs are not enough and a creative is needed too. A creative could be a badge, a quote, a message or something relevant to the post. While there are apps like Canva and PicMonkey to help you, designing an aesthetically appealing creative does take time and a thought.

Publisher: Once the post is written we need to draft it. A post is drafted to check if it is SEO-friendly and ticks all the boxes of the Yoast checklist. All this before we hit publish. Why Yoast? Because it guides you to write right and helps your post to reach out to more people by notifying search engines automatically once your content is published. It also helps in increasing the site ranking.

Proprietor: While every blogger starts with a free blog, if you are serious about blogging you do graduate to a self-hosted one. A self-hosted blog (like this one) is your own site and it doesn’t come free. You pay for the domain name and web space, annually.

Publicists and Marketing Managers: As Bloggers we need to be our own publicists and marketing managers, to make our blog reach out to as many people as possible using all the forms of Social Media available to us.


These are the various avatars every blogger dons, every day. This is what blogging is all about. A time consuming affair, and certainly not a hobby to kill time.

Why do we Blog?

We blog for the love of writing and the hope that we are immortalising our words and that they will stay behind long after we are gone.

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