7 Things Bloggers Should Never Do

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Blogging is a creative profession.

It is one profession for which you don’t need specific qualifications, a office or a desk, or a fixed time to do it. There are no rules and regulations that bloggers must follow.

However, that does not mean that there are no dos and don’ts. We may not have them set or written on paper but there are certain rules we bloggers follow, or must follow. Unsaid though they may be, following these might help you as a blogger. 

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a stigma in any industry, and it’s no different in blogging. Copying others posts and ideas and crediting them as your own is a way to ensure that that you will never be trusted as a blogger. Technology has ensured that finding out has become very easy, so there will be proof of your plagiarism too. Be creative, be original, that’s what blogging is all about.

Being Inspired: Leans towards the same genre as plagiarism. If you are inspired by a topic a fellow blogger wrote on, or read an article in a publication that you wished to share your views on, please do so and see to it that you credit the source, via a backlink in your post or on social media. Else it is plagiarism.

Imagine money will rain down on you: Anyone hoping to start a blog thinks that setting one up will mean money will start raining in the moment your blog is up. You’ve set up a blog, not a machine to print money have you?

Yes, it is possible to monetize a blog and make money via blogging, but it takes lots of hard work and patience to get there.

First start blogging, right and well. Get your blog to the level that it qualifies as a blog that could be monetized. You can’t graduate right after kindergarten can you?


Ask endless questions: We all started out as newbie bloggers, blank slates eager to learn and grow. However, that does not mean that as a newbie you are licensed to take advantage of the fact. If a fellow blogger is kind enough to help you out don’t abuse that privilege by shooting off questions endlessly. No one is obligated to help you, and if they do don’t make them regret that decision. Also, there is always Google.

Let your blog idle or be dormant: Most people start off blogging with a lot of enthusiasm, some posting daily or even multiple times a day. As the novelty of blogging starts wearing off so does the discipline. And your blog becomes dormant, with one post in a few weeks, or horror, a post once in a few months. Don’t let that happen. It’s bad for your blog health. Start slow, so you maintain the pace, and set a target that you could achieve easily, for example, 2 posts a week. Regular posting will ensure that you gain regular readers.

Leave irrelevant comments: Bloggers may disagree with me and say that ‘Nice post’ is also a comment. I shall disagree right back.

Nice post. Good one. Liked it, are NOT comments.

My other peeve is comments that are only about people’s views and experiences on the topic. By all means do add that, but don’t forget to add a line relevant to the post you read. We all want to know how what we wrote has made you feel.

Badger people to read your posts: We all like having our posts read, which means we must read others posts as well. You have to give before you get, you have to read before you’re read. You cannot make people love you and you cannot make people read your posts. Period.


As bloggers we need to have our own moral compass, one that works and leads us in the right direction. We also need to make sure it’s working fine always.

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