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The Blog Commandments

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Getting a Blog is akin to catching the common cold these days, eventually most people get it.

So, once you’ve got a Blog what do you do? You write, you post and share your post with friends and/or the social media and think you a done. Right?


The Blog World has some etiquette too, which are sadly discussed within groups and rarely aloud, and the reason why they go unsaid and unheard. Click To TweetMuch like when you start driving you need to be mindful of traffic rules and fellow drivers on the street, in the Blogging world too there are a few Do’s and Don’ts you should maintain, if you would be like to known as a blogger of repute.

What exactly am I trying to say? Read the Blog Commandments to find out;

Thou Shalt Check For Typos Before Posting: There is nothing more off-putting than a post dotted with typos. Typos are distracting and take away from your credibility of being a good writer and blogger.I have been the victim of I-am-so-excited-to-have-written-this-post-that-I-must-post-this-right-away syndrome many a times, and dashed off a post without checking for typos, to always regret it later. It takes 2 minutes to check your post and 1 minute to lose a reader. Decide.

Thou Shalt Maintain a Quality Control Check On Thy Posts: The temptation to post regularly and often is almost always a good sign. It is good for you and for your Blog Health. But by no means should you compromise on the quality of your posts to increase the quantity of them. Remember, you are your own brand and you wouldn’t want to endorse anything that is not your standard, would you?

Thou Shalt Visit Other Blogs: Blogging is not only about just writing, posting and sharing your posts. It is also about reading other blogs, and sharing posts and doing so benefits YOU. Reading almost always leads to better writing as when you read you learn a lot more, get ideas for blog posts, and sometimes also learn what not to do/write.

Thou Shalt Leave Proper Comments: When you visit other Blogs and read a post, do leave a comment. All Bloggers I know love getting and reading comments, as that shows that you’ve visited the blog, read the post and taken time out to post a comment. ‘Lovely’, ‘Nice post!’, ‘Loved reading this’ are NOT considered comments.

Thou Shalt Not Badger Fellow Bloggers: To visit your Blog, read your post and/or post comments. The wish to do so should come naturally to your readers. At the most a gentle nudge you could give is visit their Blog, read their post and leave a comment and the blogger should ideally respond. If not, someone else is sure to. And if you don’t get responses at all, then you need to work on visibility and probably your writing too.

These Blog Commandments are the result of discussions and interactions with fellow bloggers over the years, through which we realized that pretty much the same behaviour either pleases us, or puts us off.

Your Blog reflects you and your personality as does your Blog Etiquette, and it takes very little to keep these points in mind and follow them.

Wouldn’t hurt to try, would it?

Happy Writing and may the Muse always be kind to you!



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