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Diwali 2010

Kiran got up from the floor and brushed the dirt away from from his clothes. He realised his elbow was bleeding as was the cut on his lip. As he began walking towards the pitcher of water, a shooting pain in his ankle made its presence felt.

Kiran’s father had mercilessly beaten him up, yet again. Kiran has taken it all, the blows, the kicks and the filthy abuses hurled at him quietly. It had become a routine now. His father was determined to break his spirit and he was determined not to allow that to happen.

Kiran had one dream, to join the film industry. The lights, attention, the adulation, Kiran wanted to get drunk on that. He wanted his name to be up there, shining with the stars.

His father, an electrician and a daily wage earner, was aghast when Kiran shared his hopes of the future with him. As a single parent, he wished his wife was alive to guide him. He didn’t want to beat his son but he he hoped that regular beatings would beat the senseless ideas out of his son’s head.

He burnt the magazines his son spent hours over, whenever he found them. He locked Kiran up, till he realised his small built son had found a way to dislodge a grill and squeeze out of a tiny window.

With each beating Kiran’s resolve to make his dream a reality strengthened further. He had abandoned school even though he did not want to, and somehow managed to wrangle a job at a garage the top film stars sent their cars to. As he passed on tools to the skilled mechanics or brought them their tea he looked at the cars in awe, afraid to even touch them. One day, he promised himself, one day he would have it all too.

New Year 2020

The horizon was awash with the light of the rising sun, with the sea beneath and the blue sky above, both reflecting it. Just as the light began waking up the city a woman on a horse galloped into the frame. The scene was ethereal, like a painting. One with the horse, she was graceful, free and beautiful.

‘Cut!’ yelled the director, but the woman didn’t stop, till she reached the director on her horse.

‘We got a beauty of a shot Ma’am!’ the director gave her a thumbs up.

‘I’m glad’,  smiled Kiran, India’s first transgender actress who was now shooting for Hollywood.

Kiran means A Ray of Light

I am not sympathetic towards the Transgender Community. I am in awe of them and respect them immensely. Our daily struggles seem miniscule, when compared to the ones they go through, both internally and externally. This is my way of paying a tribute to them.

This post is written for Day 6 of the The Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018. 

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