Do you Abuse Yourself? #MayTivation

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When you hear the word ‘abuse’ you mostly assume it is what is done to others or something that happens to others.

Indulging in habits that are classified as ‘bad habits’, for example smoking, drinking, doing drugs or even eating non-vegetarian food or any food and drink in excess are classified as self-abuse.

If you don’t indulge in any of these, and you assume that you eat and sleep right, exercise regularly, drink water and ‘do the right rights’ you are confident that you don’t abuse yourself.


What about stress? Or resentment. Mental self-castigation? Or keeping your feelings bottled up? Or keeping a sunny façade even as dark clouds loom inside you or anger is threatening to bubble forth like lava if you just let it. What about when you need medication to sleep or need to pop a pill to just go through the day?

To Abuse Yourself, means to hurt or injure oneself. Or any sort of physical maltreatment towards yourself or to demoralize oneself.

You could eat right, you could sleep well and you could exercise all you want, but when there is no peace within you, you are abusing yourself. When you don’t respect yourself. When you are not kind to yourself. When you don’t put yourself first where it is truly required. When you allow yourself to be a doormat. That is when you are abusing yourself. Click To Tweet

You must love people. You must respect relationships. However, you must love and respect yourself the most. Your thoughts, actions and words must align right, and complement each other.

Saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone will not make you a universally loved person, it will only make you a yes-man, and someone people stop respecting over time.

Saying ‘No’ when you don’t feel like doing something might not make you wildly popular, but you’ll feel better for it.

Nurture yourself instead of abusing yourself. That is the way to grow well and grow right.


MayTivation - Sirimiri

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36 thoughts on “Do you Abuse Yourself? #MayTivation

  1. Abusing myself! Really I didnt think in that way earlier. Sometimes our bad habits, our negative thoughts can abuse us as well. Very well written dear.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Mayuri! The idea is not to let people walk all over us! That’s the worst kind of abuse!

    #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  3. Dont we always wish to put best foot forward and then end up burning ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, willing or unwillingly. Its killing.
    A timely reckoner for all, Mayuri.

  4. Somehwere that element of self abuse is there in each one us. Mental as well as physically we tend to take on so much, thus almost killing ourselves up. We need to get conscious about what we do to ourselves and embrace a more positive attitude to heal and stop any form of abuse to ourselves

  5. True Mayuri, saying Yes always wont make a person a Universally accepted person. Recently I also read a WhatApp message about we ourselves in name of sacrifice for family make ourselves feel low which again is detrimental to no one except us. The message ends wonderfully with a message from the husband that dont do it and treat yourself with love. We need to truly nurture ourselves for no one but ownself. #zarahatkeblogreads #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  6. Maximum population abuse themselves unknowingly or unconsciously without realizing the impact of abuse on them…Agree with you Mayuri. This article is an eye opener.
    #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  7. So i guess it is all been abuse for a while now. Well this is an eye opener. Learning from teens how to say a NO and live your life the way you want is something I am still attempting to do! #NISSATalks

  8. Quite a different way to look at abuse. We really need to know we are harming ourselves, so that we can make the changes required.
    Good introduction Mayuri. Hope you will explore this further in your future posts.

    #OpenNTalk #NISSAtalks

  9. I agree..self abuse is the worst. Without realising we let others affect our feelings and self esteem. It’s important to be positive and happy.

  10. Lovely words as usual from the soul guru Mayuri. I learnt this late but its changed my life big time. Learning to put yourself first may seem selfish but its the way forward to happiness

  11. Such a pertinent post! Brilliantly written! Thank you Mayuri for making many like me realise how much we should love ourselves. Keep writing and bringing such awesome perspectives into this world!


  12. Loved the idea here. You have brought up some very critical points. People usually live in denial or keep a facade to hide their real self. Accepting the truth and working toward correcting it is the right approach. This is a good one. Glad to come across your blog, Mayuri.

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