I am weird because….

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Another day! Another post!

 This one inspired by Nabanitas post that had me chuckling.
 I am very optimistic that this isn’t the last of, ‘I am weird because’ revelations and I have a feeling I shall be topping this list. Frequently.
Here goes this one though!
I -Weird -Sirimiri
* I have borderline OCD, which means I am always tempted to straighten frames hung askew, or even a wee bit off, smoothen bed sheets or tablecloths, align furniture and footwear…you get the picture right? And all this in other peoples homes, hotel rooms and restaurants. And I have done it too.
* I don’t drive. I have lost hope I ever will.
* I hate anyone sitting on my bed once I’ve made it.
* I bitch and moan to Mum about my siblings, and the moment she agrees with something against them a fire-breathing dragon has nothing on me! Mum has wisely learnt to just listen. Because she is not weird.
* When I hang my clothes out to dry they have to be in ascending order, with the corners meeting.
* I still ask people their star signs, and judge them accordingly in my mind.
* I dislike drinking water from a glass, I have to swig it from the bottle to quench my thirst.
* I could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between too. Add cookies to that and I am in heaven. Except Chocolate ice cream.
* Papaya is my most favourite fruit. Mangoes are just about okay.
* When I am angry I turn even more polite and soft spoken. The angrier I am the more soft spoken I get. If my whisper is illegible, you should be running. Fast.
* I dislike people asking to use my hairbrush, towels etc. If I am forced to share, I never use them again.
* When I am really pissed with The Husband I use endearments to address him. Through gritted teeth.
* I abhor people mispronouncing or abbreviating my name.
* I have no idea how this happens, but I have this habit of getting locked up in bathrooms.
* I still gawk when a see a woman smoking.
* I love watching movies alone.
* I enjoy people watching, and sometimes get so engrossed in doing so that I may come across as a crazy stalker.
* I file away quirks I see in people, and they turn up as a character in some story.
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