Say ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ #MayTivation

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Such a tiny word, despite which there goes a lot of thought about using it.
Why are most of us afraid to say No?
Are we people pleasers? Or just plain gutless? Yes, I have cited two extremes but I think it could be anything between the two, right?

Why do people dread saying No? Why is saying No usually preceded with a lot of internal struggle and stress, and sometimes even after all that struggle you end up saying Yes. To favours you didn’t want to do, tasks you were trying to avoid and sometimes lending money, books, clothes or things you actually did not want to lend.

The fear of being disliked and shunned by people and coming across as selfish, are usually the top two reasons to say Yes, instead of a No.

However. Believe me when I say this, the world does not end when you say No. Click To Tweet The Earth keeps circling around the Sun, not bothered about the word you used.

People whom you say No to find someone else to do them the favour they wanted out of you, or lend them something you refused to. If people dislike you for saying No, or distance themselves from you after you refuse, it’s still ok. You are rid of takers and the Earth shall still continue circling around the Sun.

But hey, you’ll like yourself more! For being brave enough to say No! So there!

So go on then, use that tiny word when you need to. It will liberate you. Or substitute it with its other lengthier forms like, ‘I would not be able to…’ or ‘I cannot help you with this…’ or just coin your own!

Say Yes to more ‘No’ and breathe easy and smile!

MayTivation - Sirimiri-Yes-No

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  1. Yes! sometimes we say yes even when we don’t want to. I think sometimes it’s ok if it makes other people happy but sometimes one needs to take a firm stand of saying no.

  2. very interesting thoughts

  3. True the world will not end if you say no. I have learnt to say no after a lot of inhibition but I am glad finally I had.

  4. By saying NO to others we are saying “Yes” to ourselves.
    I so feel in love with the statement…”Earth shall still continue circling around the Sun”. Surprisingly it really does and it works that way only.
    Earlier in life, I was more of a “yes” person. However, now have a good balance of “no”. And it does make me feel good as you mentioned.
    Insightful post that I could so relate to, Mayuri.

  5. There is this subtle art of saying no. Politely just say it and the impact is far more different than just bluntly saying it. But the point is as u have mentioned, most of us seldom says it, for the fear of ” what would the other person think.”

  6. You reminded me of a book I read when I was in college, “Don’t say Yes when you want to say No”. I agree with what you said. A No doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong. If we lose people for being honest and firm then good riddance, really.

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