Are you lying to yourself? #MayTivation

‘Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

Nose as long as a telephone wire!’

Remember this ditty from when we were kids? Growing up makes us realise that neither our pants catch fire nor does our nose change it’s shape and length when we lie.

‘I don’t lie!’ is the immediate thought that comes to mind, right? Yes, you do lie. I do to and we all lie, the most to ourselves.

‘I am fine’

‘I’ll do it, no it’s not a bother.’

‘No, I didn’t feel bad.’

‘Ok, count me in.’

‘This is great.’

‘Let me know what I can do.’

How many times have you found yourself mouthing these and lines similar to these? Small lies, big repercussions.

Why do we lie?

To keep the peace.

To be liked.

Out of fear.

To not stand out in a herd.

What are the possible outcomes of these lies?

When you do something that you don’t want to do, or don’t like, or are not honest about how you feel, on a repeated basis resentment builds. Since you are well mannered enough to not let anyone know of it the resentment bubbles within, harming you.

Living in the perennial fear of being overlooked and disliked makes one a people pleaser, and another reason why people lie to themselves. To fit in. to be wanted and to not be left out.

A lot of us link our self-worth to how many people like us and need us, making us lie to ourselves. That is a wrong barometer to go by.

The people in your life are transitory as are their needs. You are the only constant in your life and the least you can do is be true to yourself.

When you embark upon a relationship of truth with yourself the people who don’t add to your life drift away. The true ones stay and true ones come to you. Not lying to yourself is habit forming and the results are being relaxed and becoming confident.

Do you trust me enough to try?


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  1. Such a thoughtful blog. We say so many things with the flow, later we regret. I agree to most of your points. Relating our self-worth to social recognition is the most common human mistake. We need to respect ourselves first.

  2. Yes, we all lie at several occasions. If a lie is for the betterment for others then it’s okay. But lying to ourself is not okay. We cannot cheat ourself. Why should we. There is a word in Marathi – pramanic. Which means being sincere, clear. And I believe that the best thing one can do for themselves is to be pramanic towards themselves.

  3. So true dear. We all say I am fine but actually deep down something is bothering us. Why cant we talk and say actually how we feel?

  4. All of us must be guilty of lying to ourselves some or the other time in our lives. It isn’t healthy and not the best behaviour one should suffer at one’s own hands. Better to please ourselves before others!

  5. Lying to ourselves is seriously no just to fit ourselves in the current situation and difficult to accept the fact and move on.. Such a wonderful post it was great reading this

  6. You are so right Mayuri, we must let the negativity out in order to make way for the positivity. And the best way to do that is by being honest with yourself. A much-needed post.

  7. We need to be honest to our own self and to those we care about. Very thoughtful topic and something we do not dare to tread on.

  8. You are right . We are are sometimes lying to ourselves . Be honest to yourself is important . This is a lovely post .

  9. Mayuri Nidigallu Dr Bushra

    That’s thought provoking post. Agree we lie ourselves thinking it will eases our problems. We should face every situation with reality and this way we will know who are our friends

  10. Your post made me think about it and yes you are right, we do lie to ourselves a lot of times which drains out all of our energy. It’s important to stay truthful to ourself for our own good. Thanks for sharing this motivating post, Mayuri.

  11. True, we choose the wrong barometer to judge ourselves, I really liked the thought behind this post Mayuri. This maytivation is worth pondering

  12. Yes it’s really hard to accept but at times we are lying to ourselves! Accepting the truth to yourself is really important

  13. Well Said! Lying to ourselves is often overlooked, honestly, i dont think any of us even consider it when we are evaluating ourselves on the barometer of how truthful we are! Self care is so easily tied in with what we tell ourselves to get through certain days!

  14. At some point or in few situations we all lie to ourselves sometimes to make others happy or sometimes to not let our thoughts follow out but realizing it later or sooner is what we should do.

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