Are you the victim of Blogger Burnout?

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If you are a Professional/Serious/Dedicated Blogger you are well aware of the amount of hard work that goes into Blogging.

If you need to stand out in a sea of Blog’s you have to keep your content sharp. Thinking of innovative topics and content, framing a post and Blogging regularly are the aspects of blogging a blogger can’t ignore.Taking care of the tech side of your Blog is another story altogether.

However, no Blog or Blogger is an island and as a community you need to read other Blogs, leave comments on the posts you read and of course reply to comments left behind on your Blog by Bloggers who read you. That is what Blogging as a community is about.

As you may have realised running a Blog is a lot of work, to get which done you need to be inspired constantly.

Participating in Blog Challenges is a great way to get inspiration, meet other Bloggers and Blog regularly. A lot of my friends are part of the the ongoing #AtoZChallenge and while some of them are enjoying Blogging their way through the month, there are a few who are wilting under the pressure of it.

I would like to believe that what they could be facing is, Blogger Burnout.


What is Blogger Burnout?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and even the thought of reading and/or writing repels you?

Your laptop/desktop is the one place you want to be away from?

Any attempts you may make to correct these feelings are half-hearted and yield results that frustrate you further?

You are beating yourself up for feeling the way you do?

If you are facing any or all of these, chances are that you are facing Blogger Burnout.

Is Blogger Burnout the same as Writer’s Block?

They are as similar to each other as chalk is to cheese. When you have Writer’s Block the muse deserts you, and even though you yearn to write words refuse to make an appearance. Ideas dry up and what you write is binned immediately. Whereas, in a Blogger Burnout even the thought of writing, and or even reading literally put you off.

What can you do to eliminate/cure Blogger Burnout?

You need to take a break AND not feel guilty about taking it.

Stay away from writing and reading till you feel differently.

Distract yourself by doing tasks unrelated to reading or writing.


What about your Blog? You can’t neglect it like this, right?

If you wish to keep your blog momentum going you could get fellow Bloggers to write guest posts for you. Or give your Blog a wee break as well. Going over old posts, re-reading them and maybe tweaking them a bit is another option, if you could get yourself to do that.

What if you can’t take a break?

Don’t force yourself.

Don’t push yourself.

Don’t feel guilty.

Use the peace of early mornings or late nights to write. Switch off all distractions as you do so.

Write on paper.

Keep a daily fixed time and duration for reading other Blogs.

Use Blogging tools to help you schedule posts to advantage.

Do a fun light-hearted post like a Blog Tag. Or Blog on a current trending topic, one that suits your Blog genre.

If part of daily/monthly Blog Challenges, pace yourself. When participating in these challenges we tend to get carried away and start off with over enthusiasm, only to tire ourselves out too soon.

Blogger Burnout is part of the Blogging experience. Most Bloggers face it, almost all overcome it. A few recover from it and write about it, to help out fellow Bloggers. Click To Tweet

May the muse be kind and may words be your constant companions.

Write well. Write right.

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