Are you the victim of Blogger Burnout?

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If you are a Professional/Serious/Dedicated Blogger you know the amount of hard work that goes into Blogging, right?

If you need to stand out in a sea of Blog’s you have to keep your content sharp. Thinking of innovative topics and content, framing a post and Blogging regularly is one aspect of blogging.

Taking care of the tech side of your Blog is another story altogether.

However, no Blog or Blogger is an island and as a community you need to read other Blogs, leave comments on the posts you read and of course reply to comments left behind on your Blog by Bloggers who read you.

As you may have realised running a Blog is a lot of work, to get which done you need to be inspired constantly.

Participating in Blog Challenges is a great way to get inspiration, meet other Bloggers and Blog regularly. A lot of my friends are part of the the ongoing #AtoZChallenge and while some of them are enjoying Blogging their way through the month, there are a few who are wilting under the pressure of it.

I am assuming that what they could be facing is Blogger Burnout.


What is Blogger Burnout?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and even the thought of reading and/or writing repels you? Your laptop/desktop is the one place you want to be away from? Any attempts you may make to correct these feelings are half hearted and yield results that frustrate you further? You are beating yourself up for feeling the way you do?

If you are facing any or all of these, chances are that you are facing Blogger Burnout.

Is Blogger Burnout the same as Writer’s Block?

They are as similar to each other as chalk is to cheese. When you have Writer’s Block the muse deserts you, and even though you yearn to write words refuse to make an appearance. Ideas dry up and what you write is binned immediately. Whereas, in a Blogger Burnout even the thought of writing, and even reading is literally repulsive.

What can you do to eliminate/cure Blogger Burnout?

You need to take a break AND not feel guilty about taking it.

Stay away from writing and reading till you feel differently.

Distract yourself by doing tasks unrelated to reading or writing.


What about your Blog? You can’t neglect it like this, right?

If you wish to keep your blog momentum going you could get fellow Bloggers to write guest posts for you.

What if you can’t take a break?

Don’t force yourself.

Don’t push yourself.

Don’t feel guilty.

Pace yourself. Use the peace of early mornings or late nights to write. Switch off all distractions as you do so.

Keep a daily fixed time and duration for reading other Blogs.

Use Blogging tools to help you schedule posts to advantage.

Do a fun light-hearted post like a Blog Tag. Or Blog on a current trending topic, one suits your Blog genre.


If part of daily/monthly Blog Challenges, pace yourself. When participating in these challenges we tend to get carried away and start off with over enthusiasm, only to tire ourselves out too soon.

Blogger Burnout is part of the Blogging experience. Most Bloggers face it, almost all overcome it. A few recover from it and write about it, to help out fellow Bloggers. Click To Tweet

May the muse be kind and may words be your constant companions.

Write well. Write right.

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  1. This is me right now, Mayuri! Though have a lot of ideas bubbling in mind, have no energy to pen them or at times feel the right words are not flowing through.
    As you rightly said, I need to work on certain ascpects, like not feeling guilty and pacing up as per my pace!
    This post is like a light house in the stormy sea.

    1. Our conversation triggered off this post, Anagha. You are doing great in the AtoZ and I will push you to complete it!:)) Thanks for reading:)

  2. Blogger burnout is something I feel after the A to Z Challenge. What Ive found though is that to keep up with the habit formed during the A to Z it is best to keep blogging intensely so that you can build on the benefits accrued through eh A to Z.

    1. Yes, true. The discipline AtoZ gets into your writing is something we should try to maintain, without wearing ourselves out. thanks for reading, Kalpana.

  3. I am feeling Blogger burnout these days with A to Z challenge. In between I do feel writer’s block too but as you said guests posts are helpful. Good one Mayuri. I am sure many can relate to this post.

    1. Thanks, Deepa. You are doing great with the AtoZ, keep going!:)

  4. This is me Mayuri, I am trailing behind the schedule. Thanks to mid challenge travel plans, now the pressure of following the train is building up.
    Will use your tips of reading religiously now onwards. Thanks for providing an insight of this situation.

    1. Glad it helped, Dipika. You are doing a commendable job with your A to Z debut. It’s ok to fall behind, but don’t stop. Thanks for reading.

  5. I’m participating in the #AtoZChallenge for first time, so it does not feel too exhausting. Though there are evening when I want a break from blogging … so I do something else instead. Its important to enjoy blogging 🙂

    Do check out my #AtoZChallenge submission for letter p:

    1. So true, Seema. It is very important to enjoy blogging. Loving your sketches!

  6. Oh Mayuri, this must be the story of almost all bloggers. Cause almost everyone goes through this burnout at some point of time. I agree the best way is to do activities not related to blogging, taking short breaks and then coming back refreshed

    1. Yes, Ramya. A break does help. Thanks for reading:)

  7. I so needed to read this, Mayuri! I haven’t participated in any challenge but the inspiration to read, write and share has somehow deserted me. I’ve been away already and really don’t know what else I can do to get back to the groove. 🙁

    1. Just write, Varsha. Start.

  8. Very realistic Article, I am also facing the problem of burnout these days, sometimes I think stopping my blog. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sandhya.

  9. Explained well about the difference between writer’s block and blogger burnout. Now I realized I had faced blogger burnout many times earlier but not the writer’s block. Great post for all bloggers.

    1. Thanks for reading, ViVi:)

  10. This is the most ideal post today Mayuri and I will share it with as many AtoZ Bloggers as possible, for I truly trust it will help the ones facing it. I am happy that I haven’t faced it yet and will not like to face one either, touch wood. You are brilliant at reading people’s mind too darling and not only tarot cards

    1. This post was inspired by friends struggling with the AtoZ Challenge, Roma:) Thanks for reading.

  11. I am having trouble visiting other blogs right now but that is mainly coz I don’t find enough time. Great post!

    1. No worries, Lavs. Read as many as you comfortably can. Thanks for reading.

  12. Pertinent post Mayuri. I am struggling to write everyday. Mostly I worry that owing to the fact that you have to write everyday, the writing quality should not go down. Good one!

    1. You are doing great, Meha. Keep going! Thanks for reading:)

  13. Well, there are times when you want to take a break or are totally drained and I can totally relate to it. For me, having no posts on the blog for a week is a nightmare. Hence meeting people, visiting new places or perhaps going through old photos helps get back on track.

  14. love your Blog..you got a constant visitor here 🙂

  15. Hi Mayuri,

    I have decided to take a ten day break from all writing and concentrate on other things. But since I don’t want to completely lose touch with words I have decided to read at times when the mood really kicks in. I have just come back from office and had a cup of coffee and pulled out Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress which I purchased sometime back at a book stall in my office campus. I have left it on my table. I will read that whenever I really feel like it. You are a real friend taking the trouble to pass on this link to me. Very valid words of advice.


  16. This is something I will keep in mind. In hardly an hour a day of me-time, I rush to read/write. Always feel like there is so much to do. Sigh!

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